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  • Buccafusco, Sprigman

    Buccafusco, Sprigman
  • Christiansen, C.

    Youth religiosity and moral critique: God, government and generations in a time of AIDS in Uganda
  • Birnbaum, R.a, Bala, N.b, Cyr, F.c

    Children's experiences with family justice professionals in Ontario and Ohio
  • Mannay, D.

    Taking refuge in the branches of a guava tree: The difficulty of retaining consenting and nonconsenting participants' confidentiality as an indigenous researcher
  • van Dijk, R.a , de Bruijn, M.b , Cardoso, C.c , Butter, I.a

    Introduction: Ideologies of youth
  • Barnett, P.E.

    Discussions across difference: Addressing the affective dimensions of teaching diverse students about diversity
  • Jourdan, L.

    Mayi-Mayi: Young rebels in Kivu, DRC
  • Carson Byrd, W.

    Conflating apples and oranges: Understanding modern forms of racism
  • Klouwenberg, F.K. , Butter, I.

    African 'youth' since Independence: Notes on a bibliographic overview, 1990-2005
  • Sanni, A.

    Institutionalising terror in the name of religion and polity: The Nigerian youth and the cosmos of violence
  • Bisaillon, L.

    An analytic glossary to social inquiry using institutional and political activist ethnography
  • Nedbálková, K.

    So faraway, so close: Working class families in the czech republic
  • Filsecker, M., Kerres, M.

    Repositioning formative assessment from an educational assessment perspective: A response to dunn & mulvenon (2009)
  • Makusha, T.a , Richter, L.a , Bhana, D.b

    Children's experiences of support received from men in rural KwaZulu-Natal
  • Thupayagale-Tshweneagae, G. , Mgutshini, T. , Nkosi, Z.Z.

    Where is my daddy? an exploration of the impact of absentee fathers on the lives of young people in Botswana
  • Melvin, A.O.

    Dating practices and patterns of disclosure among in-school adolescents in Oyo state, Nigeria
  • Canzler, W.

    Automobility and society: Theorizing the social science research of mobility
  • Babatunde, M.A.

    Africa's growth and development strategies: A critical review
  • Martin, J., Wayaffe, L.

    Conference Report: "thirty years of German-Beninese cooperation in social science research on Benin: Topics, conclusions, future prospects" - Thurnau/Bayreuth, 8-10 March 2012
  • Stromquist, N.P.

    Theory and ideology in the gender proposals of the world bank's education strategy 2020
  • Loomis, C. , Akkari, A.

    From the will to the field: Parent participation in early childhood education in Madagascar
  • Sandbrook, C.G.ab , Fisher, J.A.c , Vira, B.b

    What do conservationists think about markets?
  • Turner, S.

    Red stamps and green tea: Fieldwork negotiations and dilemmas in the Sino-Vietnamese borderlands
  • Speer, P.W.a , Christens, B.D.b

    An approach to scholarly impact through strategic engagement in community-based research
  • Khisa, M.

    The Making of the 'Informal State' in Uganda
  • Nigsch, S. , Schenker-Wicki, A.

    Shaping performance: Do international accreditations and quality management really help?
  • Gupta, B.M.a , Kumbar, B.D.b , Gupta, R.c

    Social science research in India: A Scientometric analysis of publications (2001-10)
  • Caine, V.a, Estefan, A.b, Clandinin, D.J.c

    A Return to Methodological Commitment: Reflections on Narrative Inquiry
  • Clarke, J.A.

    Inferring desire
  • Walker Wilson, M.J.ab

    The expansion of criminal registries and the illusion of control
  • Seltzer, N.A., Johnson, A.A. , Amira, K.A.

    Revisiting Dynamic Social Impact Theory: Extensions and Applications for Political Science
  • Warner, L.S.

    Research as activism
  • Kilburn, D. , Nind, M., Wiles, R.

    Learning as Researchers and Teachers: The Development of a Pedagogical Culture for Social Science Research Methods?
  • Watermeyer, R.

    Issues in the articulation of 'impact': the responses of UK academics to 'impact' as a new measure of research assessment
  • Leckey, R.

    Must equal mean identical? Same-sex couples and marriage
  • Eckes, S.E.a , McCall, S.D.b

    The Potential Impact of Social Science Research on Legal Issues Surrounding Single-Sex Classrooms and Schools
  • Tuck, E. Yang, K.W.

    Unbecoming Claims: Pedagogies of Refusal in Qualitative Research
  • Jeffery, R.

    Authorship in multi-disciplinary, multi-national North-South research projects: Issues of equity, capacity and accountability
  • Gordon, L.R.

    Disciplinary decadence and the decolonisation of knowledge
  • Jordan, S.R.

    Research integrity, image manipulation, and anonymizing photographs in visual social science research
  • Williams, S.M.a , McDermott, K.A.b

    Social Science Research and School Diversity Policy
  • Lindsey, R.a , Bulloch, S.b

    A sociologist's field notes to the mass observation archive: A consideration of the challenges of 're-using' mass observation data in a longitudinal mixed-methods study
  • Adamczyk, Amy

    Religiosity and reactions to terrorism
  • Neves, Bárbara Barbosa

    Latent class models in action: Bridging social capital & internet usage
  • Ngwane, George

    Opposition politics and electoral democracy in Cameroon, 1992-2007
  • Cody W. Telep , Joel H. Garner, Christy A. Visher

    The production of criminological experiments revisited: the nature and extent of federal support for experimental designs, 2001–2013
  • Cherney, Adrian

    Academic–industry collaborations and knowledge co-production in the social sciences
  • Spurling, Nicola

    Differential experiences of time in academic work: How qualities of time are made in practice
  • Halkovic, A. , Greene, A.C.

    Bearing Stigma, Carrying Gifts: What Colleges Can Learn from Students with Incarceration Experience
  • Simmons, A.D.a , Bobo, L.D.b

    Can Non-full-probability Internet Surveys Yield Useful Data? A Comparison with Full-probability Face-to-face Surveys in the Domain of Race and Social Inequality Attitudes