Visions In Education

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  • A STAR is Born

    A STAR is Born
    Visions In Education is chartered!
    Started as a response to home school interest
  • Restore Order

    Restore Order
    Lynda brings order to the fast growing school
    Systems are put into place to respond to audit issues
    Home School funds frozen
  • Accountability

    Internal & External Audit
    Begin to look at the "Elephant in the room"
  • Building in Flight

    Building in Flight
    Stars get aligned... Launchpad (SIS)
    New curriculum for 9-12 developed
    Systems in place (Resource Center)
  • Stability

    Vince brought stability
    Restored confidence
    "Is it the RIGHT thing to do?"
  • Marketing Begins

    Marketing Begins
    Outreach efforts put into place
  • Collaboration & Communication

    Collaboration & Communication
    Develop collaborative teams to address communication:
    Leadership Team
    WASC Action Teams
    Curriculum Team
    Technology Team Community & Culture
    Brown Bags...
    Communication Systems (Newsletters...Ning...Blog)
  • WASC Accreditation

    WASC Accreditation
    Visions receives 6 years (with 3-year visit)
    Focus: Geographical areas - Communication - Formative Assessments
    Vision - Mission - Values Developed
    Strategic Plan Developed
  • Growth Model

    Growth Model
    Learning Community (PLCs)
    Distributive leadership with Shared Meaning
    Balance on relationship & tasks
  • 10 Years Wiser

    10 Years Wiser
    Visions Turns Ten!
  • Growth Structures

    Growth Structures
    Customer Service
    PLCs in Action - Job embedded learning
    Network/Regional support
    Increased personal & organizational accountability
  • System Alignment

    System Alignment
    Regional Attention - growth
    Customer Service Focus
    Ease of use for families (Lpad, ordering, support, access) API & Graduation Rate - Growth Pattern
    Ease of use for online learning (Lpad, Moodle, VIE Community) Professional Development - job embedded - relevant -reflective
  • Period: to

    Accelerated Growth

    The Galaxy expands...
  • Period: to


    Hire quickly to meet increased demands
    Not a lot of oversight
    No systems to manage quick growth
  • Period: to

    Financially Stable

    Healthy Reserve
    07-08 Pay increase
    Spending priorities (budget committee 10-11)
  • Period: to

    87 API Points in 5 years

    05-06 36 Points (1795) Statewide 2 Similar School 1
    06-07 2 Points (1596) Statewide 3 Similar School 1
    07-08 8 Points (1605) Statewide 3 Similar School 3
    08-09 34 Points (1636) Statewide 4 Similar School 2
    09-10 7 Points (1876) Statewide 4 Similar School 4
  • Period: to


    Vince brings a smooth transition & stability to Visions
  • Period: to

    Enrollment Patterns

    Home School drops by 200
    08-11 Marketing attracts new families
    Enrollment grows by 200 Day One 2010
  • Period: to

    Transition to Jody

  • Period: to

    Growing to our Potential

    Next 3 years:
    WASC - mid year visit
    WASC & Charter renewal 2014 Strategic Plan:
    Focus on Customer Service Design -Systems & Structures
    Grow our program academically
    Develop Partnerships for sustainability