Virtual School Growth in the last 20 years

Timeline created by codymcc00000
  • University of Phoenix

    The University of Phoenix became the very first institution to launch a fully online collegiate institution that offered courses for both bachelors and masters. -- The First of its kind, the beginning of virtual schools!
  • Jones International University

    Became the first accredited full online school, paving the way for virtual k-12 schools as well.
  • Facebook

    This invention was not a direct impact on virtual education.However, it was intended as a collegiate social chat site, and it aids in the educational world in a huge way. So I fell it was worth mentioning in the growth of virtual schooling timeline.
  • Youtube

    This coal network can actually be described as a direct impact on the virtual schooling. Youtube is a huge part of our education today, especially online classes. Just about every online class I have had refers me to a Youtube video for the lessons.
  • Online education BOOM

    By 2009 at least 5.5 million students worldwide (k-12 and beyond) were taking at least one class online. Through this BOOM the amount of entire online degrees blew up as well.
  • Required online class in Florida High Schools

    Florida high school students were required to take at least one "cyber" course as a prerequisite to graduate.
  • 2013

    More than 300,000 K-12 students in America were full-time online students by the 2013-2014 school year
  • Florida Virtual School

    Created and blossomed by 2016. It offers more than 150 free classes completely online to in-state students.
  • Online programs takeover

    98% of colleges offer some sort of online program
  • New Revolution of Schooling!

    At least 30 states have each opened full-online k-12 schools.