Virginia History

  • Virginia Got It's Name

    Virginia Got It's Name
    Queen Elizabeth 1 sent Sir Walter Raleigh to america to name colonies. Sir Raleigh named Virginia after Queen Elizabeth 1 because she never married she was sometimes called the "Virgin Queen."
  • The first permanent Colony is made

    The first permanent English colony in North America is made at Jamestown.
  • No more American Revolution

    No more American Revolution
    In 1781 the Battle of Yorktown, Virginia ends the American Revolution.
  • Virginia becomes a state

    Virginia becomes a state
    Virginia is now the 10th state!
  • George Washington is president

    George Washington is president
    Today George Washington becomes the first U.S president and he takes the oath of office.
  • The Civil War

    The Civil War
    When Abraham Lincoln became president the southern states seceded and became the confederate states. The confederate states fired at Fort Sumter and then began the Civil War.
  • Virginia comes back!

    Virginia comes back!
    Virginia is nowreadmitted in the Union and has a new constitution.
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    This year World War 1 spurs Virginia's shipping industry.
  • The Pentagon

    The Pentagon
    Terrorists fly a hijacked plane to the Pentagon killing 125 people
  • 400 years!

    400 years!
    Virginia celebrates the 400th aniversary of when Jamestown was founded!