Video Ga Ga

  • Capitalizing

    Thirty Frames Per Second: The Visionary Art Of The Music Video, feature films were capitalizing on rock 'n' roll's embryonic surge.
  • Queen

    Queen's Bohemian Phapsody enters popular consciousness in london
  • TV?

    Music became a reality in the living on the television
  • Popular?

    Shows like Poplips demonstrated the music video's popluarity and, by extension, its commercial viability.
  • Growing

    The music video industry grows as well as the music it plays
  • revolutionizing

    in the 1980's music video was revolutionizing both televsion and films.
  • Nirvana

    Nirvana's "smells like teen spirit" erupted on national airwaves.
  • Awards

    MTV won an award