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Vasco da Gama

  • Jan 1, 1460


    Vasco da Gama was born in sines , Portugal. He was born to a noble family
  • Jan 1, 1492

    King sent vasco da Gama to stubal

    king John Paull 2 of Portugal sent Vasco da Gama to stubal to seize French ships raids against the Portuguese ships.
  • Jan 1, 1497

    Vasco da Gamas discovery

    Vasco da Gma had Discoverd the sea rout from portugal to India.
  • Jul 8, 1497

    Vasco da Gamas crew and ship

    Vasco da Gamas crew and ship
    Vasco da gama sailed from Portugal with his 3 Brothers and a crew of 150 men. He voyaged i big boats wich were call naus they were great for navigation and fast.
  • Dec 27, 1497

    Gama reachd the coast of Natal

    Vasco da Gama reached the Natal coast .
  • Jan 1, 1498

    gama reached a new place

    In natal vasco da gama and and his crew were atackd in zanbezi and were attacked by arabs
  • May 20, 1498

    Conpleting his voyage

    Conpleting his voyage
    After all of vasco da gama and his crews hard woork they finally had arived to India
  • Dec 24, 1524

    Vasco da gamas deth

    Vasco da gamas deth
    Vasco da gama died in India with an illness