North American Age of Expedition

  • 1497

    John Cabot

    John Cabot
    John Cabot was an Explorer. In 1497 He discovered parts of the coast of North America. He was an explorer for Italy.
  • 1497

    John Cabot and Sebastian

    John Cabot and Sebastian
    John Cabot and Sebation explored the east coast of North America in 1497. The were both from England. The parts they explored are in now day Canada.
  • 1506


    In 1506 there was the very first fishing trip along the coast of North America. It wasn't a very long voyage at all.
  • 1513

    Fountain of Youth

    Fountain of Youth
    Juan Ponce de Leon searched The Fountain of Youth. He was from and exploring for his country Spain. He was unsuccessful but discovered many other things.
  • 1524


    Giovanni discovered the Hudson river in 1524. He was an explorer for Italy. He began to sail up it but did not get very far before leaving the area.
  • 1534

    Great Lakes

    Great Lakes
    Jacques Cartier explores the great Lakes area. Ends up finding part of Canada. France is then enabled to claim Canada.
  • 1539

    Exploring (South Eastern section) North America

    Exploring (South Eastern section) North America
    Hernando De Soto, from Spain, explored some of the South-Eastern border of North America. He explored this region in 1539. He was a conquistador.
  • 1542


    Cabrillo sailed up the North American west coast and claimed it for his country Spain. The coast was in now day California. He did it around 1542
  • 1559

    Tristan de Luna

    Tristan de Luna
    Tristan settled the first settlement in Quebec. He was a French explorer. This took place in 1559.
  • 1565


    Menendez was an explorer for Spain. It 1565 he settled the first permanent settlement for Spain. It was located in now day Florida.
  • 1576

    Martin Frobisher

    Martin Frobisher
    In 1576 Martin sighted North America. He sighted which is now Canada. Martin was an explorer from England.
  • Newfoundland Settled

    Newfoundland Settled
    In 1583 Newfoundland settled its first settlement. The settlement was led by by Sir David Kirke. Its was location is of what is now Canada
  • Drake

    In 1585 Drake claimed a lot of land for Queen Elizabeth. Part of the land was in now San Francisco area. Drake was an English explorer.
  • Roanoke

    In 1558 Roanoke was settled in about present day North Carolina. The captain left and returned a year later where he found the settlement had vanished. No one knows for sure what happened to them.
  • Juan de Archuleta

    Juan de Archuleta
    Juan explored Parts of Colorado in 1598. The real reason he ended up in CO was because he was hunting a group runaway slaves. He was a Spanish Explorer.
  • Jamestown

    In 1607 the king of England sent captain John Smith to settle Jamestown. The settlement was located in Virginia. The settlement became the capital of Virginia for many years after.
  • New Netherlands

    New Netherlands
    The Dutch created the New Netherlands. It was Dutch and Founded in 1609. It was located on the Eastern coast of North America about where New York is now.
  • Henry Hudson

    Henry Hudson
    Henry discovered the Hudson river. He was the second explorer to find it but the first to name and map it. He was and English explorer
  • First Slave

    First Slave
    The first slave in New France arrives. This slave was from Africa. This slave was brought by slave.
  • Small Pox

    Small Pox
    In 1639 there was a huge Smallpox epidemic. It had killed a lot of people. It was at fault of all countries because they brought the disease with them from there countries.
  • Montreal

    In 1642 Montreal was founded. Jacques Cartier was the first explorer to reach the location of Montreal. He was from France.
  • Louis XIV

    Louis XIV
    Louis XIV took control of new France in 1663. He was from France. The location of new France took up land all the way from The Gulf Of Mexico to Canada.
  • Halifax

    In 1746 was founded Halifax. Halifax was a port maid in the capital called Nova Scotia. It was England's Port.
  • George Vancouver

    George Vancouver
    George Vancouver set off to explore parts of Canada in 1791. He was and English explorer. The parts where he explored are in current day just north of the Great Lakes.
  • No mas

    No mas
    It was at this time that Canada realized that slavery was not good. They decided to abolish slavery. There were many people that were not in favor of this decision.
  • The Corp of Discovery

     The Corp of Discovery
    Lewis and Clark set of an exploration to find an all water way route to Pacific ocean. They were citizens and funded by the United States Of America. They were exploring the new Louisiana purchase part of the United States.
  • Dominion of North America

    Dominion of North America
    In 1867 the Dominion of North America was created. The Dominion was created by the British. It was ruled by Queen Elizabeth.