US-Mexico War

  • The U.S. Annexes Texas

    President Tyler officially takes the steps to annex Texas and then James K. Polk came into office.Texas was already independent from Mexico, but Mexico refused to recognize Texas as a republic. Mexico was unhappy about this and even stated that it would go to War with the US if it annexed Texas.
  • The Wilmot Proviso

    David Wilmot proposed an ammendment to the appropriations bill stating that any territory gained during the war would prohibit slavery. Since the Senate was made up of Southerners, this ammendment was not passed.
  • First Major Battle

    The Battle of Monterrey was the first major battle in the war with Mexico. It took place in Monterrey, Mexico and was led by General Zachary Taylor. The US brought in approximately 6,200 soldiers while the Mexican forces had about 10,000 soldiers. The outcome was the surrender of the Mexican forces.
    The terms of the surrender were as follows:
    -Taylor and his men would occupy the city
    -They would not fight for 2 months
    -The Mexican soldiers could keep their personal weapons
  • Battle at Cerro Gordo

    US forces ran into Santa Anna and his 12,000 men. Although outnumbered, General Scott out-manuvered them and the US forces won.
  • Battle at Veracruz

    General Winfield Scott brings his army to Veracruz. This marks the beginning of a 12-day seige which eventually leads to the US occupation of the city.
    During this battle, there were 80 US casualties, but all were due to yellow fever.
  • The Battle of Mexico City

    General Scott's soldiers march into Mexico City and defeat the Mexican forces. The surrender was due to the inability for the Mexican forces to get reinforcements.
  • Santa Anna is Exiled

    During this time, Santa Anna was stripped of his military command and was exiled to Jamaica.
  • The Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo

    The Mexican Defeat led to the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo. This treaty granted the US with California and New Mexico: a total of 525,000 acres of land. In return, the US paid Mexico $18 million, $7 million less than the original offer.