US History 2

By Ryan098
  • Assasination of France ferdinand

    Assasination of France ferdinand
    Serbian nationalist gavrilo princip stepped throught the crowd and shot him and his wife Sophie.
  • Germany invaded Belgium

    They invaded Belgium using a master plan called the Schlieffen plan. This plan called for a holding action against Russia, combined with a quick drive through Belgium to Paris.
  • U boat sank the british liner

    U boat sank the british liner
    128 americans killed and 2,000 all together.
  • First battle of the Somme

    First battle of the Somme
    It lasted until mid November, the british suffered 60,000 casualties alone the first day. Final totaled about 1.2 million deaths.
  • Selective Service Act

    Selective Service Act
    Congress passed this act that required men to register with the government in order to be randomly selected for military service.
  • Espionage Act

    Punishment for interferring with war efforts.
  • New Air Force

    New Air Force
    Congress Appropriated a hefty $675 million to build an air force.