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  • Band was formed

    Band was formed
    They formed as a four-piece band. And through their music, they fight against racial injustice through their music they produced. Members included:
    Dean Hapeta (D Word)
    Matt Hapeta (MC Wiya)
    Darryl Thompson (DLT)
    Aaron Thompson (Blue Dread)
  • Released New Zealand's first rap record

    Released New Zealand's first rap record
    Upper Hutt Posse released New Zealand's first rap record, and their first 12-inch hip hop record with the title "E Tu" through Jayrem records. The song acknowledges the rebel Maori warrior chiefs of Aotearoa's colonial history, Hone Heke, Te Kooti, and Te Rauparaha.
  • Second Album released

    Second Album released
    Against The Flow album released.
    Recorded and mixed at 'Mandrill' Recording Studios, Auckland, New Zealand. Members include;
    Dean Hapeta (D Word)
    Matt Hapeta (MC Wiya)
    Steve Rameka (Acid Dread)
    Darryl Thompson (DLT)
    Teremoana Rapley (Tere)
    Bennett Pomana (MC B-Ware)
    Aaron Thompson (Blue Dread) -Consists of sequenced rap and reggae songs & a political slow jam titled "Stormy Weather".
  • Upper Hutt Posse perform internationally

    Upper Hutt Posse perform internationally
    Upper hutt Posse performed their album Against The Flow internationally inSydney Australia and in Detroit America.
  • Production of new album

    Production of new album
    With a mix of their signature style hip hop with their distinctive reggae style, Upper Hutt Posse produced their second album "Movement in Demand". members:
    Dean Hapeta (D Word)
    Matt Hapeta (MC Wiya)
    Kiki Marama
    Taki Matete
    Earl Roberston
    Rhys Bell (DJ Rhys B)
    Emma Paki
  • Ma Te Wa released

    Ma Te Wa released
    Upper Hutt Posse releases Ma Te Wa, two years after they started working on a remix album of Te Reo Maori remixes. Members:
    Dean Hapeta (D Word / Te Kupu)
    Aaron Thompson (Blue Dread)
    Katarina Kawana (Voodoo Chile) Greatest hits album also released "Dedicated '88-'91"
  • Album released

    Album released
    Legacy album is released. Key members:
    Dean Hapeta
    Matt Hapeta
    Ataahua Hapeta-Taereau
    Emma Paki
  • Tohe album released

    Tohe album released
    Tohe is a ten song Dubstep/Drum&Bass album with the same members as the last album involved, except Emma Paki has been replaced with Kiki Marama.
    Was released at Whammy Bar on Wednesday 8:00pm 28th Jul 2010 - 11:55pm Vocals are a family affair with brothers Te Kupu & MC Wiya on lead, and Te
    Kupu's 16yr old daughter Ātaahua sweetens the vibes backing on 6 songs.
  • 7th album release

    7th album release
    Upper Hutt Posse released their 7th album this year with their album Declarations of Resistance. "Now a seven-piece live band, with leader Te Kupu transformed as rhythm guitarist-vocalist, with MC Wiya on bass and vocals, and Blue Dread on percussion and vocals.
    They are joined by newcomers Des Mallon on drums, John Henare (keyboards), Jeff Henderson (alto saxophone) and Jeremy Coubrough (tenor saxophone). 2011 is a pivotal year for UHP."