United States History Timeline 2015-2016

  • Signing of the Dec of Ind

    The place where the Dec of Ind was sighned. The USA began its independence.
  • Ratification of the Dec of Ind

    When the the Dec of ind was sighned. And then Richard Lee was voted for the motion of independence
  • The Adoption of the Articles of Confederation.

    When the government accepted the Articles of Confederation
  • The british surrender in Yorktown

    Brought 8,000 troops to yorktown expecting for ships but they never arrived.
  • Shays rebellion attack on the springfield Armory

    The attack that resulted in the change of government.
  • Constitutional Convention

    Where the Articles was thrown away and started all over again with the constitution.
  • Ratification of the bill of rights

    Where the bill of rights was confirmed and placed in the constitution.
  • Patent issued for the cotton gin

    During that time people really wanted cotton which was the the most valuable thing in the United States. The cotton gin leads up to more slaves.
  • Period: to

    Lewis and clark expedition

    Thomas Jefferson ordered the lewis and clark to explore the west on 1803 and seted out on 1804 on may 14th. The reason for this was they were worried that Wooly Mammothes lived in the west. They were ordered not to war with the Natives they might encounter. Instead they were to show peace to them. The Native American girl Sacagawea from the shoshone tribe. Assisted Lewis and Clark. She gave them whatever they needed to finish exploring the rest of the Louisiana purchase.
  • First Mill in Lowell Massachusetts

  • Period: to

    Trail of tears

    The Cherokee were rounded up in 1838 on May 23rd. During that time the Cherokee were forced to move to different places. But Hundreds maybe thousands died during the Trail of tears. This was a bad time for the Cherokee.
  • Gold discovered at Sutters Mill.

  • Sighning of the Treaty of the Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Sign of the end of the Mexican-American War. After the sighning caused Texas and California as states.
  • The battle of fort sumter

    The battle of fort sumter took place around near charlstown, South Carolina. This was the beginning for the cicil war.
  • The battle for gettysburg

    During the time of civil war. When the union and confederate forces battle around gettysburg
  • Battle of little bighorn

    The battle fo rlittlebig horn known as the battle of the greasy grass. Was an engagement between the Lakota.
  • The years of great depression

    The greated down turn in the history of the world. Millions of people were sent to the streets.
  • Apollo 11

    A Space history event that took people to the moon. This feat helped US to beat the Russians.
  • September 11 attack

    When an object crash on a building. This caused serious damage around the city.
  • Mr Myer's Birthday

    Birth of a Cosmologist and astronemer. Had many great times. But i outgrew it.
  • The inauguration of barack obama

    The first inaugration of barack obama. The first for the 44th president of the united states.