Unit 4 Timeline

  • Battles of Lexington and Concord

    First shots of the American Rev. shot at Lexington
  • Second Continental Congress

  • Battle of Bunker Hill

  • Americans capture British garrisons at Ticonderoga and Crown Point

  • King George III proclaims colonies in Rebellion

  • Failed Invasion of Canada

    American troops fail their trial to Invade Canada
  • Paine's Common Sense

  • Declaration of Independence

  • New Jersey constitution temporarily gives women right to vote

  • Battle of Trenton

  • Battle of Brandywine

  • Battle of Germantown

  • Battle of Saratoga

  • Articles of confederation adopted by second continential congress

  • Battle of Monmouth

  • Battle of King's Mountain

  • Massachusetts adopts constitution

    Ratified by popular vote
  • Formation of French-American Allience

  • Battle of Cowpens

  • Cornwallis surrenders

    French and American forces force cornwallis to surender at Yorktown
  • Treaty of Paris

  • Society of Cincinnati formed

  • Land Ordinance of 1785

  • Shay's Rebellion

  • Northwest ordinence

  • Ratification of constitution by nine states

    Guarantees a newe gov. under Constitution