Rev war2

Revolutionary War Timeline - Mariana Dos Santos

  • France's Secret

    France was secretly sending weapons to the Patriots because the Patriots were still bitter from the defeat by the British in the French and Indian War.
  • The British Retreat

    The British retreat from Boston and move the war to the middle states.
  • Brothers Join Forces

    Two borhters, General William and Admiral Richard Howe joined forces and sialed into New York's harbor with the largest Birtish force ever assembled.
  • The Battle of New York

    The British won against the American Colonies, they were outnumbered and had poor equitment.
  • The Continental Army

    By the fall the British had pushed Washington's army across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania.
  • Christmas Night of 1776

    On Christmas night during a storm Washington led 2,400 of his men into small rowboats across the iced Delaware River.
  • The Battle of Trenton

    The Battle of Trenton
    By 8am the Continental Army has reached Trenton, New Jersey for a surprise attack on the British, Washington won killing 30 enemies, taking 918 Hessians as captives and 6 cannons.
  • Aftermath of the Battle of Trenton

    The majority of Washington's men had either deserted, had been killed or were captured, fewer than 8,00 of his men remained under Washington's command.
  • Howe Begins his Campaign

    General Howe began his campaign to sieze the American Capitol at Philadelphia.
  • Victory at Saratoga

    Victory at Saratoga
    American troops finally surrounded Burgoyne at Saratoga, where he then surrendered to General Gates.
  • The British Find Patriots

    The British troops found Patriot homes and found Patriots huddling in the freezing snow covered Pennsylvania woods.
  • European Allies

    Friedrich von Steuben volunteered his services to General George Washington during Valley Forge to train the Continental Army.
  • Signed Alliance

    The French agree to support the Americans and signed the alliance, or treaty of cooperation.
  • Marquis de Lafayette

    Lafayette joined Washington's staff, he helped with reinforcements and he led a command in Virginia.
  • The British Change Strategy

    The British change their military strategies and shift their operations to the South, in hopes of getting support from the Loyalists.
  • British Success in the South

    A British expedition conquered Savannah, Georgia.
  • British Success in the South

    Royal governor was once again in command of Georgia.
  • General Henry Clinton

    General Henry Clinton and General Charles Cornwallis sailed south with 8,500 men.
  • Battle of Charleston

    The British capture Charles Town, South Carolina and march 5,500 American soldiers as prisoners of war.
  • Cornwallis Success

    For most of 1780, Cornwallis succeded in conquering North and South Carolina. The red coats were joined by thousands of African Americans who escaped from Patriot slave owners to join British win their freedom.
  • Battle of Camden

    Cornwallis's army smashed American forces, within 3 months the British had forts across South Carolina.
  • Fight at Cowpens

    General Morgan and his men led the British to the countryside, when foces met at Cowspen, South Carolina, the British expected the outnumbered American to flee but the Continental Army fought back and forced the Red Coats to surrender.
  • Battle of Cowspen

    General Morgan's colonial forces defeated the British under Coloniel Tarleton. More than 300 British soldiers were killed or wounded and 600 of them were taken as prisoners.
  • Greene Asks For Help

    Greene was worried about the fight for the south so Greene wrote Lafayette a letter asking for help.
  • Appointing Superintendent of France

    The congress appointed a rich Philadelphia merchant named Robert Moriss as superintendent. Robert and his assosiate named Haym Salomon begged and borrowed on their personal credit to to raise money to provide salaries for the Continental Army.
  • Continental Army Recieves Paycheck

    Due to the efforts of Morrison and Salomon they raised funds for Philadelphia's Quakers and Jews. The Continental Army was finally paid.
  • Cornwallis Surrender at Yorktown

    After three weeks Lafayette and his troops were outnumbered and Lafayette finally raised his white flag of surrender.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Colonel William Fontaine stood with the American and French armies linning a road near Yorktown, Virginia and witness the British surrender.
  • Peace Talks

    Peace talk began in Paris in 1782. Representatives of four nations, the United States, Great Britain, France and Spain, with the chosen team of negotiators who were John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and John Jay.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris was signed by the delegates, which confirmed the US independent and set boundaries for the new nation.