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Revolutionary War

  • British Moves the the Middle States

    British moves to the Middle States which is a part of their plan to stop the Colonist from rebelling by isolating New England.
  • France Gets Involved

    The French still upset about loosing to the British they help the Americans by sending them weapons throughout the war.
  • British joining forces

    General Willliam Howe and Admiral Richard Howe two brothers joined forces with the British and sailed to New York Harbor. With 32,000 soliders on the fleet.
  • Washington Ralleys

    Washington got 23,000 men together to fight the battle of New York , but unfortiently the men were untrained and there was poor equipment used. The battle ended in late august, the Americans retrited and lost a lot of men as well.
  • Battle Of Trenton

    Battle Of Trenton
    Washington decided to use a sneak attack aproach on Christmas day in the mmiddle of a storm. By the next morning the Americans resched their destination and attack the Hessians. The aftermath of this attack causes 30 Hessians to die and 918 of them to be held captive. Surprisingly 8 days later the Americans beat the British that were staitened at Princeton.
  • Wahington Struggles

    Washington was loosing all the battles , but most importantly he lost a lot of men. Due to them leaving, dying and there contracts alomost up on December 31. Washington needed something to change quicl to keep him men
  • The Fight For Philadelphia

    General Howe begain to startergize to seize the American capital in Philadelphia. The troops traveld from New York to Cheasapake Bay and landed there in late August. Washingtons troop didnt block the redcoats from coming. But the Continental Congress was smart and fled already. Resulting into the British capturing Philadelphia.
  • Victory at Saratoga

    The British wanted another victory under their belt, so they came up with a new startergy. They split up their army to snaek attack the Americans, But the Americans sabatoged thier plan and defeted the split up groups. Moving towards Saratoga when the Americans reached the other Red coats their General Burgoyne surrendered to the Americans. The loss of this battle made British rethink their stratergy of spliting apart and now they stay together.
  • Valley Forge

    Was at camp site during the winter of 1777-1778 for the Continental army.
  • Independence

    The French signed a treaty cooperation with the Americans recgonizing their independence. One of the main terms was the French will not make peace with Brittian until they recgonize the Americans independence.
  • Washington Men Become Educated In Fighting

    Washington Men Become Educated In Fighting
    Friedrich Von Steuben a Prussian captain joined Washington and his men. Friedrich tought the soliders how to pay attention and how to execute field maneuvers. This eventually helped the Continental become stronger
  • Americans recieve more help

    Marquis de Lafayette joined Washington as well as Friedrich. Layfayette asked for French reinforcements.
  • Stratigiy Change

    British changing their stratigies after Saratoga go south to get Loyaltist support and to reclaim old colonies and slowly make their way back North.
  • British Take Over

    British ttraveled down south and eventually took over Savannah, Georgia.
  • Marquis Lafayette Time

    After the reinforcements Marquis was alllowed the chance too lead and command the Continental Army in Virginia for the rest of the war
  • Back to Normal

    After the British move south they completely take over and a Royal governor was in charge or Georgia again.
  • Greatest Vivtory

    The British captures Charles town South Carolina and recieved 5,500 American Soliders as prisoners. Clinton eventually left to New York and left Charles Cornwallis to comand the forces in the south. Cornwallis gained South and North Carolina after Clinton left.
  • Change Happens

    General Henery Clinton replaced Howe and Charles Cornwallis in New York. Eventually sailing south with 8,500 man for support against the British.
  • Things Get Rough

    British attacked American forces in Camden, South Carolina. Causing the Americans to loose focus and men.
  • Team Work

    Team Work
    The French army of 6,000 men landed in New Port, Rhode Island after the British left to go South. Marquis de Lafayette suggested that the French and the Americans join forces to attack british forces at Yorktown
  • Sucess

    General Cornwallis was very sucesseful, he had a lot of help from African Americans who escaped and seeked further freedom.
  • Time For A Change

    The British have forts across the state, as they moved into North Carolina they were attacked by Patriot bands. The attack cut off British communication lines.
  • Forces Meet

    in Cowpens, South Carolina the British wanted the Americans to flee but they fought back and eventually the redcoats surrender.
  • Jealousy

    Cormwallis mad that he lost the previous battle attacked Greene and his men. Greene fighting back left 93 killed, 400 wounded and 26 missing even though they lost they put up a good fight.
  • Help Needed

    After Greene and his men injured the British he was worried. About how they will com back in the next battle, not knowing if he could do it again Greene ask Lafayette for help.
  • Financing The War

    Congress made Robert Morris a wealthy man a superintendent of finance. Morris borrowed money to provide salaries for the Contonental Army.
  • Pay Day

    Troops were paid in specie or gold coins due to their efforts, and the men behind this were Morris and Salmon
  • Vivtory

    At Yorktown the American and French surrond the British troops. After 3 weeks the tired and out numbered British soilders surrender to the Americans and the French. General Cornwallis waved the white flag in the air
  • Acceptance

    Washington including the French and the fellow Troops accepts the fact that the British surrendor.
  • Negotiation

    Peace talks were negociated in Paris between the United States, Great Brittian , France and Spain. The British did not want to give the U.S full independence. France supported the U.S independence but thought they were becoming to powerful. And Spain wanted land between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River
  • Treaty of Paris

    Delegates sign the Treaty of Paris this give the United States independence and sets boundiries for the new united colony. The United States went from the Atlantic Ocean to Misssissippi River and from Canada to the Flordia border.