Revolutionary War Timeline

  • French Secretly Helping

    The French were still frustrated about losing to Britian. So they were giving weapons secretly to the Patriots.
  • British Moving

    The British retreated from Boston and were moving to the Middle States. So they can stop the rebellion by capturing New England. But they're going to do this by taking New York City.
  • Largest British Force

    General William Howe and Admiral Richard Howe joined their forces on Staten Island. Next they went to New York harbor, as well in the large army there were thousands of Hessians.
  • American Defeat In New York

    Washington rallied his army to defend New York but he was outnumbered and needed to retreat. As well his soldiers weren't trained also some had bad equipment.
  • American's Get Pushed Around

    The British pushed Washington and his army into Pennsylvania from the Delaware River. During being pushed Washington men were killed, captured or deserted.
  • American Christmas Surprise

    Washington needed a victory so his men won't leave so he risked everything in one blow. He went across the Delaware River, leading his army across in rowboats.
  • American Victory In Trenton

    American Victory In Trenton
    After walking few miles the American troops surprised attack the Hessians. They couldn't do much since they were sleeping since of drinking to much. The American captured and killed the Hessians as well got their cannons.
  • American Victory In Princeton

    The American rallied and attacked the British in Princeton. Which as well encouraged soldiers to continue. Washington and army then went to camp in winter time at Morristown in New Jersey.
  • British Capture Philadelphia

    General Howe wanted to capture the capital of the American in Philadelphia. So he went till Chesapeake Bay while the Continental Congress fled. Washington failed to block the British and they captured Philadelphia.
  • American Victory At Saratoga

    Burgoyne wanted to join to forces while General Gates was pointed as commander. Burgoyne and his army ran into Gates and he was surrounded. Burgoyne needed to surrender and the British changed their war strategy from that day.
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
    Continental Army needed to camp here during the winter outside Philadelphia. The soldiers were in bad shape, low supply. Even some starrved as well others didn't have that much clothing. While others just quit since they rather go home then stay there.
  • French Becomes Allies

    The French started to trust the American army and recognize their independence, since the victory of Saratoga. So they become allies with the American and not make peace with Britian until they see American independence.
  • French Help Organize

    At Valley Forge Friedrich von Steuben volunteered in the service of Washington. He taught the soldiers to stand at attention, execute field maneuvers, fire and reload quickly and wield bayonets. Since of his teachings it has made the Continental Army an effective fighting force.
  • More French Help

    Marquis de Lafayette joined Washington's army and military leader. He went through the harsh winter as well in Valley Forge.
  • British Change Courses

    The British began too change military strategy and go to the South. They hoped to get Loyalists support, reclaim their former coloniesand fight going north.
  • British Capture Savannah

    The British expedition captured Savannah in Georgia.
  • Reinforcements From France

    Lafayette lobbied for reinforcement in France. He led a command Virginia in the rest of the years in the war.
  • Royal Governor Takes Over

    Royal Governor took again command in Georgia.
  • British On The Move

    General Henry Clinton who now is in New York replaced Howe. With Charles Cornwallis, they went south with their armies.
  • Battle Plan

    When the British went south a French army went to Newport in Rhode Island. But then Lafayette heard that Cornwallis was going to Yorktown. So he planned that the American and French armies join at Yorktown to attack the British.
  • Cornwallis Now In Charge

    The British captured Charles Town in South Carolina. They went with American soldier prisoners if war. Then Clinton left too New York, Cornwallis was left to command and went to capture South and North Carolina.
  • British Retreat to South Carolina

    Cornwallis defeated the American army at Camden in South Carolina. As well the British pit forts all across the state. But in North Carolina Patriot bands attack Cornwallis. They made British retreat to South Carolina again.
  • Raising Money For The American Army

    Congress made Robert Morris as the superintendent of finance and helping him was Haym Salomon. They begged and borrowed their own credit to raise money for the army. Made funds in Philadelphia with the Quakers and Jews.
  • American Win At Cowpens

    The British thought they would win since the American would flee since they were outnumbered. But the Americas fought back and the British needed to surrender at Cowpens in South Carolina.
  • British Capture Guilford Court House

    General Cornwallis was mad about the loss in Cowpens that Greene and the Guilford Court House. But he had heavy causalities after these two battles.
  • Asking For Help

    Greene was worried for the fight in the South even if he weakened the British. So he wrote a letter to Lafayette for help.
  • The Army Gets Paid

    Morris and Salomon finally raised enough money. The troops in the Continental army were finally paid in specie or gold coins.
  • American Win At Yorktown

    American Win At Yorktown
    Cornwallis and his army were outnumbered and they were tired of the constant shelling. But at the end he needed to surrender, so he raised the white flag.
  • Witness of British Surrender

    Colonel William Fontaine stood with his American and French armies seeing the British surrender at Yorktown. The French were standing in their bright blue uniform while the American standing proud even if they had bad uniform.
  • British Finally Surrender

    Washington and the French generals meet together to accept the British surrender. As well to show of defeat Cornwallis handed his sword to him.
  • Treaty Has Been Made

    The Treaty of Paris gave U.S independence and the boundaries of the nation. The United States now went from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississppi River and from Canada to the Florida border. As well this treaty left promises broken by the British, for example leave their forts. As well the Americans for example not keeping their promise of letting Loyalists get recovery of their losses.