Revolutionary war flag

Carleigh Guarino Revolutionary War Timeline

  • The French Help The Americans

    The French were not happy with the British after the last war so they had secretly been sending weapons to the Patriots since early 1776
  • British Retreat

    The British retreat from Boston moving the war to the middle states
  • The British Sail into New York

    General William Howe and his brother Admiral Richard Howe sailed into New York Harbor with 32,000 soldiers, many of them Hessians, during the summer of 1776.
  • Patriots Retreat

    After fighting the British for control of New York, the Americans were forced to retreat.
  • Washington is pushed into Pennsylvania

    By late fall, the British had pushed Washington and his troops across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania. Less than 8,000 men remained under Washington's command and he needed a victory before his troops enlistment ended on December 31st.
  • Washington Strikes Back

    George Washington led 2,400 men in small rowboats across the Delaware River to execute a sneak attack on the British
  • Battle of Trenton

    Battle of Trenton
    Since the day before, the men had walked nine miles through snow to Trenton where the Hessians were. In a surprise attack, the Americans killed 30 enemies and took 918 captives along with 6 Hessian cannons.
  • Another American Victory

    After the Battle of Trenton, the Americans won again against 1,200 British soldiers in Princeton
  • General Howe Goes After Philadelphia

    General Howe began his campaign to seize Philadelphia in the spring of 1777, sailing from New York to the head of Chesapeake Bay.
  • British Capture Philadelphia

    General Howe sailed from New York to the head of Chesapeake Bay, landing near the capital. The Continental Army tried to block the redcoats at Brandywine Creek, however the British eventually captured Philadelphia.
  • Victory at Saratoga

    American troops surrounded the British troops and their commander General John Burgoyne, forcing them to surrender to General Gates
  • Valley Forge

    An area outside of Philadelphia, which served as the Continental Army's camping ground during the winter of 1777-1778
  • The French Help the Americans pt 2

    The French Help the Americans pt 2
    After the Americans won at Saratoga, it boosted the French's trust in them so an alliance was formed in February 1778
  • European Allies Help Out

    Friedrich von Steuben, a Prussian captain and drillmaster, volunteered to help George Washington and his militia become great soldiers and an effective fighting force.
  • British Move South

    In the summer of 1778, the British started to focus on their former colonies in the south after their huge loss in Saratoga. They hoped to reclaim their former colonies and rally loyalist support.
  • British Take Savannah

    At the end of 1778, the British easily took Savannah, Georgia
  • British Command Georgia

    Spring of 1779, a royal governor commanded Georgia once again.
  • France Help the Americans

    Marquis de Lafayette, a 20-year-old military leader offered to help Washington, even dealing with the horrible conditions at Valley Forge, leading a command in Virginia, and lobbying for French reinforcements
  • British Take Charles Town

    In their greatest victory of the war, the British captured Charles Town, South Carolina and took 5,500 American soldiers as prisoners.
  • Americans Receive French Reinforcements

    In 1780, a French army of 6,000 landed in Newport, Rhode Island after the British went to focus on the South. Lafayette helped the Americans come up with a plan to beat the British which involves combining forces.
  • British Beat American Forces

    Cornwallis' army crushed American forces while taking Camden, South Carolina
  • British Control Some Of South Carolina

    In months, the British were able to establish forts all across South Carolina.
  • British Send Reinforcements

    General Harry Clinton and General Charles Cornwallis sailed south with 8,500 British soldiers hoping to make up for their Saratoga loss.
  • The British Underestimate the Americans

    British and American forces met up in Cowpens, South Carolina. The British expected the Americans to run because they were outnumbered but in the end the Americans forced the redcoats to surrender.
  • Nathanael Greene Asks Lafayette For Help

    Nathanael Greene had weakened the British but was still concerned about the fight for the South so he asked French military leader, Marquis de Lafayette, for help.
  • Congress appoints Robert Morris

    In 1781, Robert Morris, a rich Philadelphia merchant, was appointed by Congress to be the superintendent of finance with the help of his associate, Haym Salomon, a Jewish political refugee from Poland.
  • American Troops Get Paid

    With the help of Morris and Salomon, they raised funds and personal credit in order for the troops to finally be paid in gold coins.
  • The Americans Win at Yorktown

    The Americans and French closed in on Cornwallis and the siege lasted about 3 weeks. Outnumbered by more than 2 to 1, Cornwallis surrendered.
  • British Formally Surrender

    Colonel William Fonataine of the Virginia militia lined up with the American and French armies to see the British formally surrender.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris
    3 delegates from America (John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay), were sent to meet with Britain, France, and Spain. In the end the treaty was signed which resulted in America getting their freedom and boundaries for the new nation being set.