Revolutionary Timeline by Christopher Jimoh

  • Lowkey

    The French had secretly sent the Patriots weapons to help support them in their mission of independence.
  • Retreat

    The British army had retreated from Boston before, which moved the war more towards the middle states.
  • Defeat in New york

    This was the day the two brothers, general Howe and Admirable Howe sailed into the New York harbor with the largest fleet of British soldiers ever seen before. They also had Hessian ( German mercinaries who are paid to fight.)
  • New York defense

    General Washington has pulled together as many men as he could came up with 23,000 which is about 10,000 less than what the British had not including the hessian. This was a humiliating defeat according to some of the men on the continental army.
  • To drunk to fight

    General Washington risked everything this night by having 2,400 men row across the freezing cold Delaware river in the middle of the storm. At 8 a.m the troops has killed 30 hessian and took 918 captive because they were all too drunk to fight back so it was an easy victory.
  • Going home ?

    December 31, 1776 was the date that all of Washington men were enlisted to fight in the war until. He had fewer that 8,000 men because most of them died or got deserted. He desperately needed a victory to give his army a reason on why they should keep fighting against the British army.
  • Princeton

    8 days later the troops won again against the British in Princeton.
  • Back to work

    After the rain stopped and it began to become sunny outside General Howe started on his mission to take over American capital at Philly.
  • Journey

    General Howes troop sailed from New York to the tip of the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Saratoga

    The continental army has finally surrounded Burgoyne, where he had surrendered his battered arm,y to General Gates.
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge was a place where the Continental Army can relax for the winter of 1777 - 1778.
  • Recognition

    France realized that America is serious about wanting to be independent so they signed an alliance.
  • Training The Continental Army

    The snow started to clear and the weather got nicer which really made the army happy. They started to train and they had help from Friedrich von Steuben who is a Prussian captain whom volunteered to help whip Washington men into shape. They started to become for effective and skilled in being a fighting force.
  • Tatics

    After the British lost in Saratoga they decided to change their fighting style and moved south to find hope of gaining loyalist support.
  • Savannah

    The British took over Savannah Georgia.
  • Command

    At this moment they completely had command over Georgia.
  • Assisstance

    Marquis de Lafayette was an idealistic french aristocrat who also volunteered to help out the Continental army in their road to independence. He was also known as very brave, and intelligent. He was only 20 years old at the time and he led a command in Virginia during the last years of the war.
  • Sailing

    General Clinton whom replaced general Howe in New York Sailed south with 8,500 men.
  • Charles town

    British took over Charles Town South Carolina and marched 5,500 American soldiers as prisoners.
  • Success

    Cornwallis succeeded for the most of 1780.
  • Camden

    Cornwallis army destroyed the Continental Army in Camden South Carolina.
  • Landed

    A French army of 6,000 soldiers have landed in Rhode island.
  • lineup

    Colonel William Fontaine for the Virginia militia stayed with the American and French army as they lined up on a road in Yorktown Virginia.
  • Forts

    It only took 3 months for Britain to have fortresses across the state.
  • Cowpen

    When the two armies met, the British thought it was going to be an easy win but the Continental Army,
  • Guilford

    Cornwallis was so angry that he attacked Greene at the Guildford Court House, in North Carolina. Cornwallis won but his army ended up weakening.
  • Help Wanted

    Greene has written a letter asking for help and sent it to Lafayette.
  • Superintendent of Philly

    Congress decided to appoint a new leader / merchant guy named Robert Morris a superintendent of Finance for Philadelphia
  • Bring in the Dough

    The Continental Army finally gets paid thanks to Robert Morris and Salomon.
  • Outnumbered

    The British troop was outnumbered and exhausted so Cornwallis surrendered.
  • Accept

    Washington's troops and the French army has accepted the surrender of Cornwallis.
  • Seeking peace

    Seeking peace
    After the American army as one, 4 nations decided to negotiate and talk about the peace, looking out for their own interest. These four nations for the United States, France, Britain, and Spain. America wanted independence, France supported America but were afraid of them growing too strong, Britain didn't want to loose full custody of America, lastly Spain want to gain a little land in America.
  • Confirm

    All delegates signed the treaty of Paris. this treaty has given America its full independence, it also set boundaries for the land and set boundaries for the new nation. which will soon in the future cause more trouble.
  • Egalitharianism

    Egalitarianism was the belief that everyone was equal, but only applied to white males.