Revolutionary war timeline

  • Economic craziness

    Because the army was in desperate need of money to help support the army they borrowed money from the french and foreign governments . Then they started printing paper ,this caused inflation which is the increase of money and increase of value in supplies (value plunged ).Also many people stared profiteering ,they would sell things for more then there actual value to increase there profit .
  • Bunker hill

    Colonists seized a hill,known as Bunker hill (Breeds hill) .
  • Olive Branch

    Continental Congress adopted the olive branch petition as a way of peace to the king ,but he king denied them and labeled them as an open rebellion .
  • Thomas Paine

    The publication of the Common Sense , which was one of he most influential pamphlets to ever be written .
  • Moore's Creek

    Colonist fight off some 1500 loyalists at Moore's creek Bridge in North Carloin
  • Frederick Von Steuben

    Frederick Von Steuben
    The experienced German General volunteered to teach Wasington's army. He taught them to follow orders ,execute the field ,and fire and reload quickly .
  • Talk of independence

    Richard Henry Lee from Virginia said "these Unites Colonies are ,and of right ought to be free and independence states." after that there was a debate and the motion was adopted nearly a month later, on July 2,1776 .
  • Another victory

    Colonists win against the British fleet at Charleston harbor
  • Declaration

    The declaration was of independence was formally approved by congress ,after some amendment and debate .
  • Fall back NY

    Washington attempted to hold down New York but was unable to and was forced to retreat and leaving it under Cornwallis command unwillingly .
  • The Hessians

    Washington lunched a surprise attack and captured a 1000 hessians who were sleeping after celebrating Christmas .
  • Times up

    Washington's army was slowly giving up ,conditions were bad and there enlistment time was coming to its end .Washington was desperate for a win to help raise the mens spirit and give them hope .
  • Prinston

    American troops fought against stationed British troops 8 days after the battle of Trenton and won .
  • Fight for Philly

    General Howe wants to take American capital at Philadelphia ,troops sail in from New York to Chesapeake Bay .Continental Congress fled leaving Washington to unsuccessfully blockade the red coats at Brandywine creek
  • Victory at Saratoga

    Victory at Saratoga
    American troops surround Burgoyne at Saratoga ,Burgoyne surrenders to Gates after being completely surrounded .
  • The start of an army

    Friedrich von Steuben a Prussian captain and talented drillmaster volunteers and teaches Washingtons army
  • Major Alliance

    The French agree to team up with the Continental army against the British .
  • Strategy change

    The British change there operations to the south hoping to to rally with there loyalist still living there, and reclaim their former land
  • Treaty of Cooperation

    The French sign a treaty with the Americans agreeing to have no peace with Britain until they agree to recognize Americans independence .
  • Marquis de Lafayette

    Marquis de Lafayette
    Lafayette a young military leader joins Washington's army and commands the army in Virginia .
  • Valley Forge

    Washington and his men sit in the dead of winter trying to survive slowly giving up hope waiting for help. 2,000 men died and many abandoned the army .
  • British get Georgia

    Spring of 1779 royal gov take Georgia again
  • Charles Cornwallis

    General Henry Clinton sails with Cornwallis and 8,500 south to fight and gain land back from the south after replacing Howe
  • Lost through Victory

    Cornwallis attacks Guilford court house and leaves victorious but 93 of his men where killed ,400 wounded , and 26 where missing .
  • Charles town

    Cornwallis and General Clinton sail south with 8500 men and capture Charles town ,South Carolina .
  • The Britsh greatest victory

    British captured Charles town and marched 5,500 American soldiers off as prisoners of war .Clinton left , leaving Cornwallis in command to conquer the south .
  • Yorktown down

    Cornwallis is forced to give up after being surrounded by Washington's army .
  • Get that money

    By begging ,Robert Morris superintendent of finance and Haym Salomon where able to raise and collect the money the army needed.
  • Battle of Cowpens

    Even though the Americans were outnumbered they fought back against the British and won the Battle .
  • Treaty of Paris

    This treaty confirmed the independence of America and there own nation within the borders of Canada and Florida ,Atlantic Ocean and Mississippi River .