Battle of lexiton

Revolutionary War Timeline (AshleyN)

  • British retreat Boston

    They move to the middle states to try and stop rebellion by isolation New England
  • British Howe brothers team up

    British General William Howe and Admiral Richard Howe come together on Staten Island. They sail into New York with 32,000 soldiers including German Hessians who fought for money
  • Battle of Trenton

    Washington used Christmas night to bring back hopes for the war. The next morning, in the heavy weather, the surprise attack led to the killing of 30 enemies, 918 captives, and 6 Hessian cannons.
  • Washington's army loses hopes

    The army's enlistment was due to end on the 31st so Washington needed a victory to motivate them and keep them from giving up.
  • Princeton Hope

    1200 British defeated at Princeton
  • Congress on the run on Brandywine Creek

    Planned in spring but landed in Philadelphia in late August. Congress fled as Washinton tries to block redcoats at Brandywine Creek
  • Turning at Saratoga

    Victory at Sarotoga: Burgoyne plans and fails with trying to have the troops meet and join forces. Burgoyne was then surrounded at Saratoga by General Gates
  • Period: to

    Winter Valley Forge

    Valley Forge outside of Philadelphia was the Continential army's campsite. British were warm in homes while the patriots were underclothed/ underfed freezing in the snow.
  • French Fries Allies

    The French saw hope that the Americans can win Indeoendence so wanted to ally to help them to get revenge from the French and Indian War (7 years war).The French agreed not to peace with the British until Britain recognized American Independence
  • Freddy von Shiften

    Freddy von Shiften
    Fredrick von Steuben shifted the army, He helped to make the Continential Army became a fighting force.He was a Prussian captain, talented drillmaster, and volenteered services to General Washington.
  • British changes strategies

    Wants to move south to reiniforce army with Loyalists
  • Molly Pitch at Monmouth

    Molly McCauly carried pitchers for the army. When her husband was wounded at the Battle of Monmouth , she took over the cannon
  • British takes Savanna Georgia

    British easily to, Geogriak Savanna
  • Benedict Arnold Guilty

    he was found guilty of using government supplies for personal use. He then was agry with congress and became a traitor.
  • Royal Government in savanna, Georgia

    The British ruled over Georgia
  • Marquis de Helper

    Marquis de Layfayette offered his help to Washington and led command in Virginia for the last couple years of the war
  • Arnold escapes

    Benedict asks to command fort on the Hudson River and Washington grants it. He then escaped to Britain when his plot was discovered.
  • British capture Charlestown

    General Henry clinton and Charles Cornwallis sailed south with 8,500 mean. They marched 5,500 American soldiers as prisoners of war.
  • French Arrive

    French Arrive
    French Army of 6,000 arrive in Newport, Rhode Island.
  • Morgan surrenders at Cowpens

    Although the Americans were outnumbered, they fought hard back at the British. the Continential Army forced the redcoats to surrender.
  • Battle of Cowpens

    Both white and colored fought. Daniel Morgans forces defeated a crack under Colonel Tarleton at the Battle of Cowpens
  • Cornwallis throws a tantrum

    Cornwallis throws a tantrum
    Angered by the defeat at Cowpens, south Carolina, Cornwallis attacked Greene at the Guilford Court House, North Carolina. He did win the battle, but he lost 1/4 of his troops. 93 dead, 400 wounded, and 26 missing
  • Greene wrote to Lafayette

    Greene was weakened by the British so he writes because he is concerned for the fight in the South. He asked for help
  • New Money

    The congress ran out of gold and silver so they printed paper money which caused inflation. Profiteering became a great way to make profit.
  • Cornwallis surrenders

    lasted 3 years but when the British were surrounded at Yorktown peninsula, the only way they could get out is if they surrounded.
  • Militia Yorktown, Virgina

    The Fench and Americans stood with Colonel William Fontaine at a road near Yorktown. They stood to watch the British Surrender.
  • Peace in Paris?

    Representatives by United States, Great Britain, France, and Spain. Britain did not want US to have independence. France supported but were scared of future power. Spain just wanted land between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississipi River
  • Treaty of Paris

    US independence with boundaries. Atlantic to mississipi rivere and Canada to flordia border.
  • Future troubles?

    British did not attempt to protect lands of intrests of their Native American Allies, British didn't specify when the would leave.
  • Map of the United Statees (INVALID)

    Was one of the first Maps: "A New and Correct Map of the United States of North America". Was innaccurate in placement of rivers