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  • Time To Go!

    British retreat from Boston, moving the war to the middle states.
  • Oh Snap, Germany Is Here Too?

    British create giant fighting force with 32,000 soldiers including German mercenaries and head to Long Island New York.
  • Run! We Are Not Soldiers We Are Volunteers!!!

    Washington's untrained recruits prove untrustworthy as they retreat from battle in fear as the British come in and take New York like its candy from a baby.
  • Take These, Go Win.

    French had secretly been sending weapons to the patriots doing all they can to defeat the British without getting physically involved yet....
  • Merry Christmas!

    Washington and his men risk it all and lead a small sneak attack through a storm on the icy Delaware river.
  • Nothing Helps A Hangover Like Some Gunshots In The Morning

    American soldiers surprise Hessians and British troops in the early morning and kill 30 of them and take 918 captive.
  • One Last Chance

    Fewer than 8,000 men remained under Washington's command and their terms were due to end on the last day of the year 1776
  • Another Win For The Americans

    Americans take another victory against 1,200 British soldiers stationed at Princeton NJ
  • No To America!

    General Howe begins his campaign to seize the Americans Capital at Philadelphia.
  • Saratoga Is Ours!

    Saratoga Is Ours!
    American troops surround Burgoyne at Saratoga where he gives up his battered army to General Gates.
  • Hope You Dressed Warm...

    Hope You Dressed Warm...
    Start Of the bitter winter at Valley Forge for George Washington and his rag-tag group of struggling soldiers.
  • French And America <3

    French And America <3
    French And America sign a peace treaty and alliance to fight against the British.
  • Straightening Them Out

    Friedrich von Steuben a Prussian Captain and talented drillmaster volunteered his services to General Washington and went to work on these clueless soldiers to turn them into fighters.
  • French To The Rescue

    Around the same time, another military leader Marquis de Lafayette offered his assistance. The young Lafayette joined Washington’s staff and bore the misery of Valley Forge, lobbied for French reinforcements in France in 1779, and led a command in Virginia in the last years of the war.
  • We Made It

    Washington and his men made it out of the winter at Valley Forge. However 20% of Washington's men died yet those who survived stayed at their posts.
  • Girls Are People Too

    Molly Pitcher showed off for her fellow ladies proving herself as a hero during the Battle of Monmouth.
  • British Run South

    After defeat at Saratoga the British head south with good intentions.
  • Pay Those Troops!

    Robert Morris and Haym Salomon raised funds and sources and due to their efforts troops were finally paid in gold coins.
  • British Expand In The South

    British take over Savannah Georgia
  • Georgia Or New Britian..?

    British and there Royal Governor have full control over Georgia.
  • The British Are Coming!

    General Henry Clinton, who had replaced Howe in New York, along with the ambitious general Charles Cornwallis sailed south with 8,500 men.
  • British Victory

    Greatest British victory, Cornwallis and Clinton lead the Brits into Charles Town SC and left with 5,000 American POW.
  • Did We Just Become Best Friends?

    A French army of 6,000 had landed in Newport, Rhode Island, after the British left the city to focus on the South. The French had stationed one fleet there and were operating another in the West Indies. When news of Cornwallis’s plans reached him, the
    Marquis de Lafayette suggested that the American and French armies join forces with the two French fleets and attack the British forces at Yorktown.
  • Surprise Victory at Cowpens

    Continental Army has shocking victory at Cowpens SC and forced British Redcoats to flee.
  • A Win-Lose For Cornwallis

    Cornwallis attacked Greene two months later at Guilford Court House, North Carolina. Cornwallis won the battle, but the victory cost him nearly a fourth of his troops 93 were killed, over 400 were wounded, and 26 were missing
  • The Famous Letter

    Greene wrote a letter to Lafayette asking for assistance to take down the British once and for all.
  • Traitors Never win

    After being trapped from just about everyway possible at Yorktown, Cornwallis raises the white flag in surrender.
  • Dude! Guess what!!!!

    Americans write home to tell back their amazing victory at Yorktown.
  • Militia Stands Tall

    Colonel William Fontaine of the Virginia militia stood with the
    American and French armies lining a road near Yorktown,
  • Thanks For Everything! Goodbye Now!!

    Treaty Of Paris is signed, U.S boundaries are confirmed, we are now independent and have our own rights