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Revolutionary War Timeline by Kellie G.

  • British settle in South Carolina

    After capturing Charlestown, the British settle in South Carolina with the purposes of having control over the state.
  • Siege Of Boston

    After the battles of Lexington and Concord, the militiamen surrounded Massachusetts.However, the British then evacuated after Washington which is the commander of the Continental Army had won the battle over Boston.
  • General William Howe and Admiral Richard Howe join forces.

    The two brothers General William Howe and Admiral Richard Howe joined forces in Staten Island to travel to New York the Americans called their troops Hessians.
  • Battle of Long Island

    After the Siege of Boston, George Washington and his troops also wanted to protect the city of New York. However, after many casualties, the British won.
  • G.Washington crossing the Delaware River

    George crosses the Delaware River in a Christmas night towards Trenton, New Jersey. George led 2,400 Continental soldiers in rowboats. Washington planned a strategy to surprise the Hessian soldiers.
  • Battle of Trenton

    The Hessians are German troops hired by Great Britain however, they were drunk on Christmas night Washington strategy of a surprise attack very clever. This battle took place in Trenton, New Jersey in this event the Americans had a victory.
  • Battle of Princeton

    This battle took place in Princeton,New Jersey eight days after the Battle of Trenton.In this battle, George Washington the commander of the Continental Army defeated General Cornwallis .
  • Washington sets up quarters in Morristown

    In northern New Jersey, George Washington sets up winter quarters. After the victories of the battles of Trenton and Princeton, George W. set up these headquarters in purpose to track the British troops.
  • France Recognizes American Independence

    France Recognizes American Independence
    In the French and Indian War, the French have given supplies to the Americans in early 1776. After, the victory of the Saratoga battle the french agreed to support the American Independence.
  • General Howe began his campaign in Philadelphia

    General Howe's and the other British troops seized Philadelphia causing the Continental Congress to evacuate from the city and Washington being unable to stop the British.
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
    Valley Forge, Pennsylvania is the location where the Continental Army camped during the winter of 1777-1778. However many died from the coldness, diseases, and starvation.
  • General von Steubon

    A Prussian captain Federick von Steuben volunteered his service to George Washington. He taught the soldiers how to fight in combat to become more effective in battle.
  • The British shift operations.

    After their defeat in Saratoga, the British changed their route towards the south to find support from loyalists. The British plan was to gain the support from the colonies in the south to fight back towards the north.
  • British capture Savannah Georgia

    British Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Campbell and his force launch a surprise attack towards the American troops protecting Savannah, Georgia.
  • Marquis de Lafayette joins George W. staff

    Marquis de Lafayette was a 20-year-old French aristocrat that joined Wahington staff in the Valley of Forge , he also persuaded french reinforcements and commanded during the last years of the Revolution.
  • General Henry sails South

    The British General Henry Clinton sails South with 8,500 men and replaced General Howe in New York.
  • British capture Charleston,South Carlina

    The Generals Charles Cornwallis and Clinton sailed South to capture South Carolina. On the way to the south, the British gained support from African Americans who had escaped from patriots.
  • The Americans and French join forces

    After the British left Rhode Island to get support from the south the French decided to station there. When the letter by General Greene was given to Marquis de Lafayette, he suggested that the American and French forces should join to attack the British in Yorktown.
  • Battle of Cowspen

    In Cowpen, South Carolina the British and American forces met, however, the American troops did not surrender but instead fought back making the British to surrender instead.
  • Battle of Guilford Court House

    After the defeat in Cowpens,Cornwallis attacked Greene at Guilford Court House, North Carolina. Cornwallis won the battle but it made him weak by the many casualties it caused.
  • General Green's letter to Layayette

    After the battle at the Guilford Court House, General Greene knew he had weakened the British however, he wrote a letter to Lafayette asking for help in 1781.
  • Increase of salary to the Continental Army.

    After Robert Morris begged for the increase in salaries and making funds finally the Continental Army were paid in specie or gold coins.
  • Americans gained their freedom.

    The Americans and French surrounded the British in Yorktown, Cornwallis raised the white flag of surrender.
  • Surrender at Yorktown

    Near Yorktown,Virginia the American and French troops witnessed the British surrender. Although the Americans declared their Indepence in 1776 it took five years to finally win their freedom.
  • The acceptance of the British Surrender.

    After witnessing the British surrender Washington and the French gather to accept their victory.
  • Robert Morris

    Robert Morris was a rich man that was assigned as the superintendent of finance. He was significant because he begged with his associate the increase of salary to the men of the Continental Army.
  • Peace Negotiations

    In Paris, four nations gathered, the United States, France Great Britain, and Spain in purposes of seeking their own interests such as Spain wanted the land between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River while France supported American Independence.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris officially ended the Revolutionary war it was signed by Benjamin Franklin ,John Adams, and John Jay under the terms of this treaty Britain will have to recognize the United States of America as a new nation.
  • Patriot Victory at Saratoga

    General Horatio Gates and his men surrounded Burgoyne at Saratoga causing Burgoyne to surrender in defeat. However, this American victory changed the British strategy. The new British strategy was to stay along the coast where all the supplies were mostly located.
  • Royal Governor in Georgia

    By 1779 a royal governor was in command in Savannah, Georgia.