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Maria Olivarez Ramirez American Revolution Timeline

  • French help americans

    Frenh had secretly sent americans weapons since early 1776 to help bea there enemy the british as a form of revenge.pg116
  • British retreat from Boston

    On this date the British had retreated from Boston to later move the theater of war to the middle east. pg(114)
  • Defeat in new York

    The largest expeditionary force ever assembled of 32,000 soliders a mix of German mercenaries, or soldiers who fought for money. The americans reffered to them as Hessians. They out numbered Washington and defeated them.pg114
  • Gorge Washington is out Numbered

    On this day George army was out numbered while defending New York. Most of his men were untrained with poorly equipment. Michael Graham a continental army volunteer called the withdraw on August 27 1776. pg 114
  • British push the Americans

    By late fall the british had pushed the Americans over the Delaware River into Pennsylvania.pg114
  • Battle of Trenton

    Washington decided that he and his men were to do a surprise attack on brittish troops Christmas 114
  • Washington Desperate ??

    Gorge's men were badly defeated in previous battles. His men were starting to leave to go home . Geroge needed some sort of victory to make his men stay. By December 31 establishments were due and some men stayed and others didnt want to.p g 114
  • Another victory for Americans

    After 8 days after there victory at Trenton the americans won another victory at Princeton NJ against 1200 British. They then marched to Morristown in northen NJ.pg114
  • Fight for Philadelphia

    Howe began campaign to seize Americans. Americans tried to block redcoats by Brandywine creek. British then capture Philadelphia while Howe enjoyed hospitality of city's grateful loyalist.pg114
  • Saratoga Victory

    Saratoga Victory
    Burgoyne losees battle by surrendering to American troops. Americans surrounded Burgoyne where he then surrender.pg115
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
    Washington men suffer harsh winter days outside Philadelphia. They where low on supplies,food ,and clothing for winter. some men did not have shoes. (pg 113 )
  • Alliance is formed

    France has signed a treaty of cooperation with Americans . To terms France has to recognize American independence if British want to make peace with France.
  • Friedrich Von Steuben

    Friedrich Von Steuben volunteered his services to Washington and worked on making regular soldiers out of cpumtry bumpkins. Friedrich Von Steuben was a Prussian captian and a talented drillmaster.p g 118
  • Marquis de Lafayette

    Marquis de Lafayette offered his assistance for Washington . He also faced the struggle of valley Forge with Washington and his men. Later on he led a command in Virginia in the last years of 119
  • British move to the South

    After British were deafeated in Saratoga they changed military strategy and during the summer they moved operations to the South where they hoped to to rally loyalist support. Pg 119
  • British Take Georiga

    By the end of 1778 thr british took Savannah, Georgia pg 119
  • Georgia governor

    By spring a royal governor oce again took command of Georgia pg119
  • 1780 is a win for British

    For most of 1780 redcoats had succeeded with the command of of general Cornwallis. As they countinued to advanced African Americans joined the british to earn there freedom. Pg 119-120
  • General Henry Clinton sails seas

    General Clinton and General Cornwallis sail seas south with 8,500 men. Pg 119
  • Charles Town, South Carolina Captured

    In May of 1780 the british had captured Charles Town , Soutu Carolina ans well as marcher 5500 American soliders off as prisoners of war. Pg 119
  • British take Camden South Carolina

    In August British defeat American Forces and take over Camden South Carolina pg 120
  • French army of 1780

    The French army of 6000 men had landed in Newport Rhode island after british had left city to go focus on the South . Pg 121
  • British build forts

    The British had established forts across state . When british moves forward to North Carolina patriot bands attack them then cut British communication 120
  • Cowpens , South Carolina

    In January 1781 British expected a battle in which Americams would be outnumbered and flee but the continental army fought back and made british surrender pg 120
  • Letter of Help

    Greene had weakened the British but still worried about the fight for the south. He then wrote a letter to Lafayette for help pg 120
  • New superintendent of finance

    Congress appointed merchant Robert Morris as superintendent of finance. With his associate Haym Salomon. They begged and borrowed on their own personal credit to help raise money for salaries for continental army. Pg 116
  • Finally paid

    From the hard efforts of Morris and Salomo. They finally were able to pay the troops in specie or gold coin pg 117
  • French and Americans assembled British

    The French and americans troops assembled to accept the British surrender. Pg 121
  • Yorktown victory

    Colonel williams fontaine of the. Virgina militia stood by the American and French atmies lining the road around Yorktown VA. He went to witness British surrender .pg118
  • Seeking peace

    By 1782 the talk about peace begins in which the 4 nations join negotiations woth each nation.p g 121
  • Treaty of paris

    Treaty of paris
    On this date the delegates sogned the Treaty pf Paris which comfirmed U.S independence as well as boundaries for a new Nation pg 122