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Revolutionary War Timeline By Orlando Pacheco

  • Revenge for France

    Upset about their loss in the French and Indian War, the French have been secretly sending weapons to the Americans since 1776.
  • British Retreat From Boston

    The British leave Boston to move down South to the middle states so that they can isolate New Englad and attack New York.
  • Defeat In New York

    Both Admiral Howe and General Howe join forces on Staten Island and sailed into New York Harbor with the largest British expedition force (30,000 soldiers) at their disposal. The Continental Army was outnumbered and withdrew form New York.
  • The British Keep Pushing

    The British have pushed the Continental Army passed the Delaware River and to Pennsylvania, where the men were either gone, dead, or captured. Most of the remaining soldiers term of enlistment was due soon, so George Washington desperately needs a victory to keep is men from going back home.
  • George Washington Crosses The Delaware River

    George Washington Crosses The Delaware River
    George Washington is crossing the Delaware River to suprise attack the Hessian mercenaries and hopefully win a battle.
  • Battle Of Trenton

    The morning of December 26th, the Hessian people are hungover from partying the night before, but the Continental Army suprises them and takes most of them captured, while the rest were killed.
  • Battle In Princeton

    Eight days later after the Battle of Trenton, the Continental Army won another battle against 1,200 British red coats in Princeton.
  • Camp near Morristown

    Happy with the victories, George Washington marches with his men down to a camp near Moristown to rest for the battles that they were in.
  • Fight for Philadelphia

    Congress flee when the British invaded Philadelphia under the lead of General Howe. Even the Continental Army fled the city.
  • Victory of Saratoga

    The Continental Army defeated the British and their General Burgoyne and stopped the his scheme of isolating New England. The Continental Army surrounded the British and caused them to surrender.
  • Period: to

    Valley Forge

    Campsite for the Continental Army during the winter; many soldiers died, from starvation and bad conditions because of lack the lack of supplies that congress was giving them.
  • France Helps Out

    The French signed a treaty of cooperation and became allies with the independent Americans.
  • Friedrich Van Steuben Steps In

    Steuben is a captain from Prussia, and came to America to help train the Continental Army into a real threatening army.
  • New Tricks by the British

    Britain decided to head South that they can round up and get some support from the Loyalists.
  • Another One for Britain

    The British have taken Savannah, Georgia easily on one of their expeditions.
  • Marquis de Lafayette Plays a Big Roll

    Lafayette joins George Washington and goes back to Paris to get French troops to help out the Continental Army in 1779.
  • Georgia Under Royal Rule Again

    A royal governor ruled Georgia once again.
  • Henry Clinton and Charles Cornwallis

    Clinton and Cornwallis both headed South from New York with 8,500 soldiers to look for some trouble in 1780.
  • Te French Come In Strong

    French Army of 6,000 soldiers have landed in Newport, Rhode Islandwhen the British left to focus on the South in 1780.
  • Period: to

    Cornwallis Takes South and North Carolina

    Cornwallis was able to achieve his goal of obtaining both states, but only had North Carolina for a little bit due to the American soldiers causing communication errors. This took most of all of 1780.
  • Clinton and Cornwallis Take Charlestown

    With there big amount of red coats, the two captured Charlestown, South Carolina. Also marched 5,500 American soldiers as prisoners.
  • Salomon and Morris Help Out

    Both Robert Morris, superintendent of finance, and Haym Salomon, Jewish political refugee, work together to raise money for the soldiers salary in 1781.
  • Danial Morgan Wins Underdog Battle

    General Danial Morgan was appointed by Nathanial Greene to lead 600 men to harass the Britsh and Cornwallis. This causes a battle between the huge British Army and the small Continental Army. But the confident attitude helped make the Americans win.
  • Cornwallis Wants Revenge

    Cornwallis attacks Greene, the man who chose Danial Morgan to take care of the British, at Gulford Court Hall, North Carolina and wins the battle. This act was all about revenge for what happened with General Danial Morgan.
  • Nathanial Greene Asks for Help

    Nathanial Greene who was appointed by George Washington to harass the British on their retreat back to South Carolina, sends a worried letter to Lafayette to send some help from France.
  • Salomon and Morris to the Rescue

    It is because of Salomon and Morris, that the soldiers are now paid in gold coins. This boosted the attitude of the Continentals because they are getting paid sufficiently.
  • William Fontain Joins the Cause

    Colonel William Fontain of the Virginia Militia has joined the American and French armies that are lined up near Yorktown.
  • Ending of the War

    Cornwallis surrenders after being surrounded by Americans and Frenchmen with nowhere to go in Yorktown. Thus ending the war for indepndence.
  • Americans and Frenchmen Assemble

    Americans and Frenchmen Assemble
    The French and American come together to accept the defeat of the British. This is done when General Charles O'Hara, who represents Cornwallis, handed his sword to the Continentals and Britain laid down their arms.
  • Treaty Of Paris

    Treaty Of Paris
    The Treaty Of Paris states full independence for America and set the boundaries for the independent land. The team of negotiators from America was John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay. The 4 representative countries were Spain, Britain, America, and France. Now the United States stretches from the Atlantic to the Mississippi River, and from Canada to Florida.