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Vitor Souza Revolutionary War Timeline

  • French Support

    In early 1776 the French helped the Americans by secretly giving them guns and gain trust after Battle of Saratoga
  • British Retreat

    British retreat from Boston which moves the war to the middle states
  • The Howe Brothers

    The Howe Brothers meet at Staten Island then sail into NY Harbor with 32,000 British troops
  • War In NY Ends

    Washington ralied 23,000 american troops but were defeated becuse they were out numbered, out geared and out skilled
  • Chaotic Withdraw

    Doing baddly in the war Washington and his army retreat west in a very chaotic fashion
  • Pushed Way Back

    The British army had pushed back Washington and his army across the Deleware river into Pennsylvannia. A vast amount of Washingtons menhad either left the war, or got killed or captured. Only 8,000 of 23,000 were left
  • On The Way To Battle

    Washington and 2,400 men in small row boats paddle across the Deleware River into NJ
  • The Battle Of Trenton

    After arriving in NJ Washington and his men march 9 miles to Trenton, NJ. They arrive to see many still drunk and sleeping Hessians from the partying of the night before. With a suprise attack they kill 30 Hessians, capture 918 men and take six cannons
  • The End Is Near

    The men of the Continental Armys enlistment contracts would expire
  • Battle At Princeton

    Washington gained another victory at Princton, NJ, against 1,200 British troops.
  • The Fight For Philidelphia

    General Howe brings troops into Philidelphia from NY and captures Philidelphia beating American resistance
  • Victory At Saratoga

    Victory At Saratoga
    American troops suround British troops forcing the British to to surrender to General Gates. From now on the British keep their troops as close as possible to the shore where they can be better protected
  • Period: to

    Camp At Valley Forge

    The First Continental Army camps at Valley Forge through the winter of 1777-1778
  • The Official Alliance

    After Battle Of Saratoga French signed alliance, Treaty Of Cooperation, with the colonist. This meant French wouldnt make peace with British till they recognized American Independence
  • Let The Training Begin

    Freiedrich von Steuben a drillmaster began to train the American troops
  • Lafayette And The French

    Marquis de Lafayette offers assistance to Washington and asks French for troops
  • The British Move South

    The British began to move their operations to the south to gain more loyalist support and then slowly fight their way back north
  • British Get Savannah

    A British expedition easily took Savannah, Georgia back
  • All of Georgia

    A Royal Govener now controlled Georgia
  • Strong British Sail South

    General Henery Clinton and General Charles Cornwallis sailed south with 8,500 men
  • Charles Town Is Taken

    General Henery Clinton and General Charles Cornwallis and their army take over Charles Town, South Carolina, and take 5,500 Americans as prisoners of war
  • Luck And Good Timing

    Good Timing and Luck led the americans to plan an attack on the British in Yorktown
  • Camden, NC Then All Of North Carolina

    Cornwallis's army beat the Americans at Camden, NC the built forts all over North Carolina. Patriots then attacked them and cut communication lies forcing the British to retreat to South Carolina
  • The Grueling Chase

    The British chase Morgan and his men through the rough country side then they men and the British thought they would surrender because they were out numbered but Morgan fought back. THe British were forced to surrender
  • Not So Much A Victorious Win

    Angered by the defeat the British attack again and win but lost nearly a fourth of his troops 93 were killed, 400 were wounded, and 26 were missing
  • The Letter For Help

    Greene weakened the British but was worried about the fight for the south so he wrote a letter to Lafayette asking for help
  • Robert Morris Is Placed As Superintendent Of Finance

    Robert Morris is placed as superintendent of finance
  • Pay Check!!

    The Continental Armys troops finally get paided, in specie or gold coins
  • Victory At Yorktown

    Victory At Yorktown
    After being constantly attacked and out numbered two to one Cornwallis finally surendered at Yorktown
  • Formal Surrender

    The British formaly surrender to the Americans and French
  • Peace Talks Begin

    Peace talks begin in Paris between Britian, Spain, France, and The United States
  • Treaty Of Paris

    Treaty Of Paris
    The delegateds of each country signed the Treaty Of Paris, which confirmed U.S. independence and the set boundaries of the new nation