Unit 4 Ch. 8-9

  • Intro

    All thirteen states meet at the second Continental Congress meeting.
  • Bunker Hill and Hessain Hirelings

    With their samll American force Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold surprise and captures the British garrison at New York.
  • Bunker Hill and Hassian HIrelings

    Colonist attack Bunker Hill and threathen the enemy at Boston, where they retreat due to scarce gunpowder.
  • BUnker Hill and Hessian Hirelings

    Continental Congress adopts the "Olive Branch Petition" professing American loyalty to the crown and begging the king to prebent further hostillities
  • Bunker Hill and Hassian Hirelings

    King George III formally proclaims the colnies in rebellion. The upcoming month king George hires thousands of german troops also known as Hessains to crush the rebellion.
  • The Abortive Conquest of Canada

    British burns Falmouth (Portland) Maine. In that same month the colonies undertake a two-progned invasion of Canada.
  • The Pursuit of Equality

    Philadelphia quakers fund first anti- slavery society .
  • The Abortive Conquest of Canada

    The British set fire to the Virgina town of Norfolk causing them to be forced out of Boston in March 1776.
  • The Abortive Conquest of America

    The southern colonies win against some 1500 loyalist at Moorse Creek bridge
  • Jefferson's "Explanation" of Independence

    Richard Henry Lee claims that the United Colonies should be free and independent states.
  • Jefferson's "Explanation" of Independence

    Lee's claims are now in motion.
  • Jefferson's "Explanation" of Independence

    The declaration of Independence is formally approved by the Congress.
  • Washington at Bay

    British fleets appear off New York, which consisted of some five hundred ships and thirty five thousand men.
  • Thomas Paine Preaches Common Sense

    Thomas Paine publishes the "Common Sense" a pamphlet that inpired many Americans.
  • The Pursuit of Equality

    New Jersey's new constitution enables woman to vote for a time.
  • Constitution Making in the States

    The Continental Congress calls upon the colonies to draft a new constitution.
  • Washington at Bay

    George Washington surprised and captured 1000 hessains who were asleep from their christmas partying and a week later he defeats a small British detachment at Princeton.
  • Burgoyne's Blundering Invasion

    Burgonye was forced to surrender his entire command at Saratoga to Genral Horatio Gate.
  • Burgoyne's Blundering Invasion

    London Plans to capture the Hudson River, which was lead by General Burgonye. If they were to succeed they would sever New England causing the Americas distruction.
  • Creating a new Confederation

    All thirteen states adopt the Article of Confederation.
  • The Pursuit of Equality

    A shipload of indentured servants are released at Ney York.