• Period: to

    Geroge washington president service

    Served 8 years in office--Established the executive branch and judicial branches of the fedral government of the U.S. organized the ratification of the U.S BOR--IMPACT ON U.S HISTORY:1st president of the united states, commander in chief of the continental army during american revolution,led colonist to victory, "father of his country", trained 14,000 men for american colonist first army, defeated the british.---GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS:first inagural speech (1789),Washingotns fairwell adress
  • War of 1812

    WHY:the united states to Great britain was the impression issue that was made by british government under their orders in council--WHAT:battle of lake erie,U.S balances war, creeks attacked by jackson--WHERE:Canadian border in the chesapeake bay region and along the gulf of mexico.--CAUSES: by breaking the passage with a stop in a U.S port,they envaded seizure under the british rule of 1756which forbided wartime trade that was not allowed--EFFECTS:peaced treaty signed in 1814-
  • war of 1812 continued

    Impact/outcome:a satisfactory agreement had been reached with the british minister in washington david ensured, who promised nonintercourse act in1809
  • Period: to

    Andrew Jackson

    ACOMPLISMENTS IN OFFICE:Hayne debat(1829), indian removal act,Nat turners rebellion, nullification crisis,vetoes recharter of bus 1832, tarrif of 1832, force bill 1833 vetoes maysville road,Texas revolution--IMPACT ON HISTORY:HE WAS A GOOD MILITARY LEADER, SEVENTH PRESIDENT, DESTROYED NATIONAL BANK, passed indian removal act--GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS:first inagural adress,stated of the union adress, veto message of the bill on the bank of the U.S proclamation regarding the nullification,