Unit 3 Timeline

Timeline created by Naomi-BR
In History
  • 1517

    Martin Luther begins Protestant Reformation

    This changes ideas of both religion and government meaning more changes follow after this one.
  • First Africans arrive in Virginia

    As the first few Africans arrive, they bring more than just indentured servitude, they bring the starts of diversity in the colonies.
  • William Penn founds Pennsylvania colony

    Many people come here for the tolerance so Philadelphia Pennsylvania becomes very important in the colonies.
  • Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts

    Multitudes of people are being persecuted and accused of being witches. This is basically a genocide just on a smaller scale.
  • Period: to

    English Civil War

    Parliament wins and changes in the governmental system begin to happen. Power structures change.
  • Period: to

    Glorious Revolution overthrows Stuarts and Dominion of New England

    bloodless revolution that overthrew the monarch and put two people in power. Changes in both religion and government came.