U.S. History

  • Fireside Chat 14

    FRA talks about how world war 2 has just began and how America will interact with the enemies and allied nations.
  • Non Imagrants

    Their entry into the United States can be made to depend upon prior authorization by the Department. This would mean that the consuls would be divested of discretion and that all requests for nonimmigrant visas
  • universal application

    universal application and could not be done as regards Germany, for instance, or Russia, for instance, or any other one government because it would first, invite retaliation and second,
  • stop illeagle Immigrants

    We can delay and effectively stop for a temporary period of indefinite length the number of immigrants into the United States.
  • control non-immigrants

    We can effectively control non-immigrants by prohibiting the issuance of visas
  • The process of elimination

    The process of the elimination of the European Nations proceeded according to plan through 1939 and well into 1940, until the schedule was shot to pieces by the unbeatable defenders of Britain.
  • Address to congress requesting a declaration of war

    Pearl harbor Bombing the day before. This was a speech to declaration war on Japan.
  • prevent the number of immigrants from certain localities

    We can temporarily prevent the number of immigrants from certain localities such as Cuba, Mexico and other places of origin of German intending immigrants by simply raising administrative obstacles
  • Confidential Legation

    Legation has no information which would tend to confirm this report which is however forwarded in accordance with Riegner's wishes