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Tyler, The Creator Timeline

  • Tyler Okonma was born

    Tyler Okonma was born
    Tyler Okonma (Tyler. The Creator) was born on March 6,1991
  • Forms Group Odd Future

    Forms Group Odd Future
    Tyler made a group to make music with all his friends called odd future. Together, the made music,l skated, and even has tv shows.
  • First Mixtape

    First Mixtape
    Tyler made his first album titled "Bastard".
  • XL Recordings

    XL Recordings
    Tyler signed to the label XL Recordings
  • Yonkers

    Tyler released a single called yonkers where in the music video he ate a live cockroach. The song blew up and he gained a massive amount of fans
  • First Album

    First Album
    Tyler made his first album titled Goblin
  • He was Arrested

    He was Arrested
    Tyler was arrested on a show for suspicion of vandalism
  • Second Album

    Second Album
    Tyler released his second Album titles "Wolf"
  • Odd Future Ended

    Odd Future Ended
    The group odd future came to an end, but they are all still friends
  • Third Album

    Third Album
    Tyler made his third album titled " Cherry Bomb".
  • Documentary

    Tyler and a streetwear skating brand called illegal civilization released a documentary on how tyler made cherry bomb. It costed $100 but i watched it on youtube for free
  • Flower Boy

    Flower Boy
    Tyler released his most recent album called Flower Boy