Twentieth Century

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In Music
  • Jean Sibelius

  • Amy Marcy Cheney Beach

    1867-1944 American Pianist and composer
  • Scott Joplin

    1867/68-1917 American-invented Ragtime
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams

    1872-1958 Became leader in English Music BAritone Gospel
  • Aleksandr Skyryabin

  • Sergei Rachmanoiv

    1873-1943 Awesome dude.
  • Gustav Holst

    1874-1934 Hindu influences
  • Bela Bartok

    1881-1945 Ethnomusicologist
  • Igor Stravinsky

  • Paul Hindemith

  • Aaron Copeland

    1900-90 Most popular American composer of 20th century
  • Louie Armstrong

  • Musiqe concrete

    Recorded natural sounds splcied together
  • Aleatoric

    Music that is up to chance
  • Interdeterminate

    Three different types of by chance music. Aleatroic, Interdeterminate (the chance is made during making music), suggesstive
  • Electronische Musik

    Developed in Germany, Fusion of Electronic and acoustic music
  • Period: to


    Musical elements other than pitch.
  • Period: to

    World War 2

    World went to crap
  • Period: to


    Sound blocks, Not really individual melodies, more like chunks of notes moving in counterpoint.
  • Period: to

    Maximized Expressionism (Integral serialism)

    Maximilism to the max
  • Period: to


    repetitive music using variations slightly
  • Period: to


    Tonality that have evolved. THe more chromatisicm is played the more it sounds tonal. Seconds and sevenths are now tonal.
  • Period: to


    No prejudice towards styles. Using styles of the past and mixing it with the now
  • Period: to


    The contiuation of maximilism to fight post-minimalisim
  • Period: to

    New Complexity

    Totalism but extreme contrasts and complexity in the abstract and micro tonal
  • Period: to


    Immediate exchange of ideas/ Youtube