Styx 2

Tw4/Styx Time Line by Tyler

  • The Entire Start

    The Entire Start
    The start of the band styx was in 1961 when a band called TW4 formed and landed a recording session the changed the band's name to styx.
  • The Big Fight

    The Big Fight
    Almost broke up in 1970 but stopped fighting.
  • The Name Change

    The  Name Change
    TW4 landed a recording session that changed the band's name to Styx.
  • The Second Album

    The Second Album
    Released the album called cought in the act.
  • Without The Singer

    Without The Singer
    Released album without Tommy Shaw.
  • The Big Event

    The Big Event
    All original members of styx reunite for the album return of the paradise theatre.
  • The Present Day

    The Present Day
    Still makes new songs today.