Tupac Amaru Shakur

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  • achievements

    Enter the Baltimore School of Arts to receive acting classes.
  • they embed tupac in a repertoire

    they embed tupac in a repertoire
    Afeni Shakur (Tupac's mother) enrolls 12-year-old Tupac in the famous 127th Street Ensemble of Harlem.
  • move

    Tupac moves with his mother to Baltimore, where he begins to write his poetry and lyrics and calls himself MC New York.
  • second move

    second move
    Again Tupac and his family move to the East Coast of the United States, to the city of Marine City in the state of California
  • cinematography

    Tupac makes his great film debut in "Juice" (Juice) with the starring role of Bishop, the movie has lockers that exceed 20 million dollars.
  • Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z.

    Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z.
    Strictly for my blacks) his second album wins platinum record to the seller more than 1 million copies.
  • Poetic Justice

    Poetic Justice
    Tupac stars alongside Janet Jacson Poetic Justice that reaches figures greater than 25 million dollars.
  • Above The Rim

    Above The Rim
    Tupac plays the role of Birdie in the movie "Above The Rim", which comes to make profits of 16 million dollars, the stellar song of the soundtrack was recorded by the 2pac group "Pour some liquor."
  • Thug Life

    Thug Life
    The album "Thug Life" (thug life) of the 2pac group "Thug Life", exceeds the sales of 2 million copies.
  • Me Against The World

    Me Against The World
    (Me against the world) debuts at number 1 on the billborad charts, selling more than 2 million units and earning a double platinum record.
  • his first double album

    his first double album
    Tupac releases their first double album "All Eyes On Me", with the Death Row record label.
  • death of tupac

    death of tupac
    Tupac dies after a shooting in a white cadillac, after leaving a fight of Mike Tyson.