Transport in Australia

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    Transport in Australia

  • NSW opened the first Australian railway

    NSW opened the first Australian railway
    NSW built the first railway in Sydney but because of number of setbacks, the first public Australian railway line did not open until 1854 in Melbourne.
  • Locomotives contained steam engines

    Locomotives contained steam engines
    Steam engines was used in locomotives to pull trains more quickly along smoother, stronger tracks after having animals, such as camels, pulling masses of coal from the mines.
  • Cobb and Co. public transport was created

    Cobb and Co. public transport was created
    A group of four young and enterprising Americans established Melbourne’s Cobb and Co. public transport company and were very successful.
  • First bicycle was introduced

    First bicycle was introduced
    The bicycle was invented in France in 1817 but not introduced into Australia until the 1860s. The bicyle was desciribed a new kind of two-wheeler with a mechanical drive.
  • Use of ferry transportation has grown

    Use of ferry transportation has grown
    The great growth in ferry transport, was in the 1880s. By then Brisbane had a series of ferries crossing the river everyday.
  • Steam trams

    Steam trams
    The trams were like miniature trains, with a small locomotive and one or more trailers. They were for people who were not traveling long distances.
  • QANTAS was established

    QANTAS was established
    The Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services was Australia's most successful airlines. It was founded in Winton, Queensland and the airline's first aircraft was an Avro 504K.
  • The first paddle steamer

    The first paddle steamer
    The first paddle steamer was intorduced into NSW and were only useful where there was a waterway along on which it could travel.
  • 'Australia's Own' car was invented

    'Australia's Own' car was invented
    The Holden 48-215, was launched as " Australia's Own " after years of American and English domination. The car took Australia by storm . The car was advertised as a car designed for Australian conditions, with a powerful 6 cylinder engine it went on to become a classic vehicle.
  • Environmental worry

    Environmental worry
    People were getting caught up in the excitement of new forms of transport and didn't consider the impact that it was having on the environment. Fossil fuels are non-renewable, which made petrol more expencive, and has expanding greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Motor cars taking Australia by storm

    Motor cars taking Australia by storm
    One in four Australians owned a motor vehicle, with half of the market owning Holden's.
  • States are 'linked' together

    States are 'linked' together
    In 1901, nearly every state in Australia were 'linked' by rail and by the 1970's, the technology had improved and this ment that anyone can travel from one state to another without changing trains.
  • CitiRail

    CitiRail is NSW public transport provider that was founded by RailCorp in 1988. It is the largest public transportation now aswll as in 1988. The fleet includes trains, ferries, buses and some coach services. They opperate in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Newcastle and Wollongong, the three largest cities in NSW.
  • Cruise Ships

    Cruise Ships
    Cruising is becoming the most popular travel option in Australia. The cruise company 'P&O Crusies Australia' built their first ship 'Pacific Dawn' in 1991 and the ship is still running today.
  • Australia's best selling car

    Australia's best selling car
    The Ute is one of Australia's famous inventions. Created by James Freeland Leacock in 1929, the ute is still one of the most popular cars worldwide. The best selling ute is the Toyota Hylux and is also claimed to be the toughest ute ever.
  • Holden has come a long way

    Holden has come a long way
    Holden has just released a new LPG Commodore. They sure have come a long way since their first motor car back in 1948.