Timeline created by tyler.lalonde
In Music
  • first earth day

  • Period: to

    starting of the band and ending

  • apollo 17

  • richard nixon visits china

  • richard nixon resigns

  • President Ford survives two assassination attempts in a 17-day time span.

  • lookin for trouble

  • even the score

  • Even the Score came out

  • head on

  • get it on credit

  • your daddy dont know

  • start telling the truth

  • girls night out

  • all i need came out

  • lalonde left and mike gringrich entered the group

  • ready to make up

  • allon and alton leave

  • paul hanna

  • new romance came out

  • assult and flattery

  • greatest hits

  • ready to make up came out

  • President Bush declares a "War on Drugs."

  • first simpson episode

  • 911

  • original albumn of fubar came out

  • fubar album

  • live it up