top twelve inventions from 2000 to 2012

  • •AbioCor artificial heart invented by Abiomed - the Abiocor reprsents groundbreaking medical miniaturization technology

    the abiocor sets grpudbreaking medical miniaturization technology.
  • ipod

    was created by apple computers . it plays music as well as takes picture and viedos .
  • •Optical Camouflage System

    millatary used camouflage system that is used for special forces and cov opt missions.
  • Flower Sound

    plants that play music invented by the Japanese based Let's Corporation. Flowers bouquets will act as loudspeakers when placed in a special vase that has electronics hidden in the base.
  • •YouTube

    online video sharing and viewing community
  • •Time Magazine

    online magizine that shows whats new for 2006
  • •Popular Science

    shows whats best for 2007 similar to time magazine.
  • Top Inventions of 2008

    shows the top most wanted inventions for 2008.
  • Electric Eyes - Retinal Implants

    a microelectronic retinal implant to restore vision to patients with age-related macular degeneration and blindness.
  • Light Field Camera - Lytro

    a small square tube camera with a retro feel to it, that does away with the focus button by capturing all the planes focus areas
  • Indoor Clouds

    is a cloud that is formed by using a fog machine and the right tempture.
  • Bounce Imaging

    a small ball that has six cameras that when thrown it detects radiation and other hazards and tempture