Toddler girl

Toddler Timeline

By sdeneke
  • Baby is born

    Baby is born
  • 13-18 months (physical)

    13-18 months (physical)
  • 13-18 months (cog.)

    13-18 months (cog.)
  • 19-24 months (physical)

    19-24 months  (physical)
    *walks sideways and backwards
    *loves to run, jump, and climb
    *can throw ball in basket
  • 19-24 months (cog.)

    19-24 months (cog.)
    *may reveal feelings of jealousy
    *may show agressive tendencies such as slapping, hitting, and biting
    *recognizes own power to be effective
  • 21/2 years (physical)

    21/2 years (physical)
    *climbs on jungle gym with fair ammount of ease
    *enjoys running but is unable to measure sudden stops. may collide with other people or obstacles
    *throws ball overhead but aim is still poor
  • 21/2 years (cog.)

    21/2 years (cog.)
    *may develop fear of dark, needs reassurance
    *does not like to share toys
    *recognizes self in photographs
  • 3 years ( physical)

    3 years ( physical)
    *scribbles and draws circles as well as horizontal and vertical lines
    * eats with a fork
    * climbs up slide ladder and slides down
  • 3 years (cog.)

    3 years (cog.)
    *feels bad when reprimanded for mistakes
    *may exhibit fear and needs reassurance in fearful situations
    *vocabulary starts at 500 words and increases to 900 or 1000 in this period