Toddler Timeline

By mayj15
  • Birth

    Baby is born.
  • 13-15 Months Physical

    13-15 Months Physical
    Can stand alone without support for a short time and has improved grasping skills.
  • 13-15 Months Cognitive

    13-15 Months Cognitive
    Begins to form cocepts and mimics actions. Slowley increases vocabulary to four to six words.
  • 16-18 Months Physical

    16-18 Months Physical
    May be able to walk sideways and they may show hand prefrence in all activities.
  • 16-18 Months Cognitive

    16-18 Months Cognitive
    Gradually refines concepts, and vocabulary increases to six to ten words.
  • 19-21 Months Physical

    19-21 Months Physical
    Walks sideways and Backwards and holds two objects in hand easily.
  • 19-21 Months Cognitive

    19-21 Months Cognitive
    Progresses from simple imitaton to imaginative play and vocabulary increases to 20 words.
  • 22-24 Months Physical

    22-24 Months Physical
    Walks with more coordination and assurance. Shows increased coordinationand smoother hand and finger movments.
  • 22-24 Months Cognitive

    22-24 Months Cognitive
    Becomes intrested in the outcome of activities rather than just the activitie itself. Has a vocabulary of 50 words.
  • 24-30 Months Physical

    24-30 Months Physical
    Improves moter skills as torso lengthens and baby fat begins to dissapear. Opens door by turning knobs.
  • 24-30 Months Cognitive

    24-30 Months Cognitive
    Becomes increasingly interested in childrens TV shows. Vocabulary starts at 200 words and increases to 500 or more in this period.
  • 30-36 Months Physical

    30-36 Months Physical
    Likes to be in constant motion, running or walking sideways or backward. Turns doorknobs with greater strength.
  • 30-36 Months Cognitive

    30-36 Months Cognitive
    Begins to classify objects into general catogories. Vocabulary starts at about 500 words and increases to 900 or 1000 in this period.