Toddler timeline

  • The baby is born .

  • 13-15 Physical

    13-15 Physical
    May stand erect with only slight support and also stand alone without support for a short period of time
  • 13-15 Congnitive

    13-15 Congnitive
    Looks in correct place for btoys that rollout of sight , toddlers 13-15 moints are able to fit round block into round hole in form baord . Language -- may use siunds to indicate specific objects and slowly increases vocabulary to four to seix words .
  • 16-18 Physical

    16-18 Physical
    May be able to walk sideways , stands on either foot with support , walks fast and runs stiffly , and also walks into balls at times and is unable to kick the ball .
  • 16-18 Cognitive

    16-18 Cognitive
    Vocabulary increases six to ten words , say " no " more than any other words , may use two word phrases , can point to own body parts on request , and toddlers 16-18 can also remember where objects belong
  • 19-21 Physical

    19-21 Physical
    Walks sides and backwards , squats easlily in play , loves to run , jump , and climb ,holds two objects in hand very easliy , uses one hand more than the other , and toddler also 19-21 can bulid blocks very easily with five or six blocks .
  • 19-21 Cognitive

    19-21 Cognitive
    Has a vocabulary of about 20 words , responds to speech with speech , can remember familiar objects without seeing them , imiateds simple actions on request .
  • 22-24 Physical

    22-24 Physical
    Throws balls overhead instead of tossing , can throw ball in a basket , can seat themselves in a small chair with ease , lacks ability to start efficiently or stop quickly while running , wlaks coordination and assurance , snips papper with scissors and holds crayon with thumb and fingers .
  • 22-24 Cognitive

    22-24 Cognitive
    Has vocabulary of 50 or more words , is able to ask for things using simple words , is interested in sound repetition , very easy for a toddler 22-24 months to follow direstions most ofd the time , and also toddlers around the age can recognize when pictures in the book are upside down .
  • 24-30 Physical

    24-30 Physical
    Toddlers 22-24 months can open doors by turning knobs , can remove wrapper from candy and gum , can soap hands and arms easily , climbs everywhere indoors , even in forbidden areas in the house , can kick a ball foward , and enjoys running but is unable to measure sudden stops. May collide with other people or obstacles .
  • 24-30 Cognitive

    24-30 Cognitive
    Toddlers this age have a vocabulary of 200 words and increases to 500 or more in this period , understand cause and effect in terms of own behavior , enjoys playing house and imitating family situations , can follow two step commands , and they also can solve problems by imitating past actions .
  • 30-36 Physical

    30-36 Physical
    Toddlers 30-36 months like to be constant motion , running or walking sideways or even backwards , enjoys games involving running , climbs up slide ladder ands slides down , throws ball overhead nut aim is still poor , turns doorknobs with greater strength , strings large beads and makes mud pies and sand castles while at the park .
  • 30-36 Cognitive

    30-36 Cognitive
    Begins to classify objects into genenral categories , can remember and follow three step commands , can stack rings in the correct order , triues new play activities to discover more about how things work , tries out various roles in make0believe plays , ask names of objects and repeats them , may use prepositions , and may also use personal pronouns correctly
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