To Kill A Mocking Bird

By 914mary
  • monroeville alabama

    a city in monroe county
  • Jobs

    The new deal happened and opened jobs for african americans
    (no date just year)
  • Bible Belts

    Bible belts, a term for the region in South Eastern U.S.
    (time period: 1890-1930, no date just year)
  • The Italian Invasion

  • Spanish Cival

  • German Invasion of Polan

  • Start of World War 2 and German Invasion Of Polan

  • World War 2 ends

  • Holocaust ended

  • France and Great Britain declares war in Germany

  • Harry Truman

    Harry Truman approves the production of a hydrogen bomb
  • Korea

    fighting in Korea ends
  • Rasicm

    Racial segregation was ruled unconstitutional
    (no date just year)
  • Dr Salk

    Dr Jonas Salk developed vaccine for polio
    (no date, just year)
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa parks refused to give up her seat on the bus