Timeline Terms

  • Colony of Roanoake

    went from Britain and was “lost”
  • England defeats Spanish Armanda

    a fleet assembled & dispatched by King Phillip of Spain.
  • Settlement at Jamestown

    settlers from London went to settle in Virgina, found gold, and seek a water route to the orient.
  • First Anglo- Powhatan war

    wanted English settlements to go onto Indian lands but it would lead to further wars, they killed 350 white settlers.
  • Mayflower Compact

    named after the Puritans’ ship as a communal form of partnership. It shows how they chose to govern themselves. In 1623, it assigned plots of land to each family to work.
  • Establishment of Netherlands

    Established by the Dutch India company to earn profit
  • Establishment of Massachusetts bay colony

    English settlement on the east coast on N.A. in the 17th century, founded by the owners of the Massachusetts Bay Company.
  • Fundamental orders

    armed conflict between the pewuot tribe and Massachusetts bag, plythough, and saybrook colonies.
  • Maryland act of toleration

    a law mandating religious tolerance for trininatiran Christians
  • Establishment of Rhode Island

    Roger Williams, after being banished settled there on land.
  • Banishment of Anne Hutchinson

    expelled from the Massachusetts bay colony put on trial for heresy.
  • Second Anglo-Powhatan war

    began the last effort by the Indians to dislodge the Virginians settlers
  • Barbados slave code

    laws governing African labor, set up by the English
  • Netherlands becomes new York

    taken over by New Amsterdam and renamed to new York who would become uncrowned.
  • Establishment of the Carolinas

    Created in the name of Charles 11 wanted to grow food for sugar plantation and gain project.
  • King Philips War

    predictable Indian rebellion against continuing ruritan incursions into Native American Lands.
  • Bacon’s Rebellion

    a rebellion by Nathaniel Bacon. Around one thousand rose to defend. They did this because they didn’t like the governor William Berkeley because he wouldn’t attack the Native’s even though they were attacking them. They torched the capitol.
  • Pen’s “Holy experiment”

    ideal government has established for Pennsylvania
  • Dominion of New England

    administrative union of English colonies
  • Great Awakening

    was religious revival in American history when people began to question the church.
  • Establishment of Georgia

    named after King George of Britain