Timeline of "The Beatles"

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  • The Quarrymen

    The Quarrymen
    While attending Quarry Bank Grammar School in Liverpool, John Lennon formed a skiffle group called "The Quarrymen", made up of Lennon and Paul McCartney.
  • George Harrison

    George Harrison
    After great insistence from Lennon, Harrison joined "The Quarrymen" as a guitarist.
  • Stuart Sutcliffe

    Stuart Sutcliffe
    Sutcliffe joined the band, being friends with Lennon, and played bass.
  • Deported

    After being in Hamburg, they went to Kaiserkeller, where they would play around six or seven hours a night, seven days a week, but Harrison was deported by the Germanic authorities, as they had lied about his age.
  • Reunited again

    Reunited again
    One week after Harrison's deportation, McCartney and Best were arrested and deported, due to causing a small fire, so Lennon caught up with them in Liverpool in mid-December, to finally meet and play at the Casbah Club, where they replaced Sutcliffe with Chas Newby.
  • Tony Sheridan

    Tony Sheridan
    They returned to Hamburg and played in the Top Ten Club, and while playing there they were recruited by singer Tony Sheridan as his backing band on recordings for the German Polydor Records Label.
  • Brian Epstein and Decca Records

    Brian Epstein and Decca Records
    Epstein became the group's manager and helped The Beatles in their search for a British recording contract, as he had been the manager of the NEMS recording department, but they did not convince Decca Records as their executive believed that the groups guitars were already out.
  • First Recording Session

    First Recording Session
    After failing, Epstein went to Oxford Street to transfer the Decca tapes to records, then he went with Sid Coleman so that EMI's would be his publishing arm, when Coleman heard the records he suggested they go with George Martin, later he met with he and he signed a one-year contract and did the first recording session, in North London, and they sang the song "Love me do".
  • First musical hits

    First musical hits
    In this year they sang their second song "Please Please Me", which was the second best song on the official UK charts and the first on the NME charts, three months later they released their first album also titled "Please Please Me".
  • United States

    United States
    They crossed the Atlantic, when a crowd of four thousand fans at Heatrow Airport waved the Beatles as they took off for the first trip to the United States as a group, they were accompanied by photographers, journalists and Phil Spector, who had booked the same flight.