Timeline of the 2012 Victorian Council Elections

By fsqui1
  • Entitlement date

    Voters eligible to vote must enroll to do so by this date. If a voter does not submit their application to vote they can't do so and a fine will incur. This date of enrolment always occurs 57 days before the official election date.
  • Council nominations close

    Those wishing to stand for a council position must have their applications submitted by noon. This date always occurs 32 days before the official election date.
  • Caretaker period begins

    'Caretaker' period begins today for councils. This means that no major decisions can be made or projects undertaken during this period.
  • Postal elections close

    The postal elections close, therefore postal votes must be submitted no later than 6 p.m.
  • Election day

    Attendance voting occurs at voting centres on this day. It must always fall on the fourth Saturday of October.