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timeline of protable music players

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    last 35 years of protable music players

  • The marketing of the sony walkman

    The marketing of the sony walkman
    Sony Walkman in the 1970′s and 1980′s was the king of miniaturization, and in 1979, they released the first truly self-contained portable music system, the TPS-L2 Walkman cassette player.
  • Invention of the Sony Diskman

    Invention of the Sony Diskman
    Sony was the first to market a portable player for the new music medium, the Discman. this was the first PORTABLE music player to play CDs
  • IPod Classic

    IPod Classic
    Apple introduced the first-generation iPod on October 23, 2001, with the slogan "1,000 songs in your pocket". The first iPod had a black and white LCD screen and featured a 5 GB hard drive capable of storing 1,000 songs. When it was released it costed about $399 and it was NOT the first MP3 player.
  • IPod 2G

    IPod 2G
    this whas the first ipod with a touch sensitive scroll wheel which took the genral puplic by storm. this was the first ipod to beable to sync with window based computers.
  • IPod Classic 3G

    IPod Classic 3G
    The IPod Classic 3G was the first IPod to use a USB but it was only for syncing and the firewire was used for charging and syncing
  • IPod Mini

    IPod Mini
    The iPod Mini is a portable and the first "digital" music player designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It was the midrange model in Apple's iPod product line. It was announced on January 6, 2004 and released on February 20 of the same year. The iPod Mini line was officially discontinued on September 7, 2005 and was replaced by the iPod Nano line. this was the first of the very small "unditectable" music player, it was such a impact because you now for the fist time fit it in you pocket
  • IPod Suffle

    IPod Suffle
    the IPod shuffle is the smallest of apples IPod family and the shuffle was designed to be easily loaded with a selection of songs and to play them in random order. Apple released the IPod shuffle just before christmas and so sold over 1,000,000 IPod Suffles in the first 2 months!
  • IPod Nano

    IPod Nano
    The Nano is Apple replacement for the IPod mini. Apple sold its first million units in only 17 days, helping Apple Inc. to a record billion-dollar profit in 2005.