timeline of pop

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  • radio invention

    radio invention
    Disseminated information transmitted orally at a distance.
  • beginning of styles

    beginning of styles
    old rock(country) soul, blues, jazz
  • microphone change

    microphone change
    The microphone used on stage had its design changed, allowing artists to reproduce their own singing style more.
  • beginning of pop music

    beginning of pop music
    The term was used to designate a song that had a very popular range. Bing Crosby, frank sinatra, dean martin , elvis presley
  • emergence of television

    emergence of television
    With the emergence of television, the shows could be televised and this allowed a breakthrough in performances. The artists wanted to appear and impress.
  • computer

    It made calculations extremely fast.
  • POP music has not stopped evolving

    Various musical movements emerged, influencing new generations, with various artists leaving their mark. It was Neil Diamond's turn, Bob Dylan, Rita Pavone, Aretha Franlkin, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bee Gees and more.
  • pop music was influenced by many styles

    other styles that had come up. The stages were bigger and the extravagances too. Pop music was breaking free and creating various sub-genres.
    ABBA, Rod Stewart
  • cell phone

    cell phone
    It made telephone communication possible regardless of fixed points of installation.
  • The 80s were remarkable for the new pop song

    Michael Jackson and Madonna were the great protagonists of the decade and brought a new style to the music genre, which made them very successful. Madonna became known as the queen of pop and Michael Jackson as the king.
  • emergence of boy bands and girls bands

    the hugely successful music groups, the so-called boy bands and girl bands like Backstreet boys, Nsync and Spice girls
  • Internet

    The emergence of the World Wide Web (WWW) democratized Internet access before restricting the academic circle.
  • Mobile phone with video and internet

    It enabled complete media convergence, with access to social networks, which emerged from 2004.
  • The biggest pop artists of today

    Some of these artists have been in success for a long time, such as Britney Spears and Shakira, Beyoncé for example. Others emerged relatively recently, but have added many possibilities to pop culture, such as Lady Gaga and Sia.