Timeline Of Olympia, Greece

  • 450

    BC Temple of Zeus

    BC     Temple of Zeus
    The temple of Zeus was built on Olympia.
  • 462

    BC Destroyed by a Fire

    BC     Destroyed by a Fire
    The statue of Zeus was destroyed by a fire when it was moved form Olympia to Constantinopal.
  • 500

    BC Statue of Zeus

    BC     Statue of Zeus
    The Greek artist sculpted the statue of Zeus for the Temple of Zeus in Olympia.
  • Aug 10, 704

    BC The XVIII Olympic Games

    BC     The XVIII Olympic Games
    Wrestling and a pentathlon were added to the games. Later in history, 1896, to be exact, the Olympics have been revived and revised and are still running to this day.
  • Jul 4, 720

    BC The XIV Olympic Games

    BC     The XIV Olympic Games
    The games added a second race in which athletes would run twice the length of the stadium.
  • Jul 4, 776

    BC First Olympic Games

    BC     First Olympic Games
    In honor of Zeus, a series of athletic compitons which were played by representatives of the city states of Ancient Greece. every four years, the games would occur again. The Olympic Games were so important, because it unified the Greek people in a way that they never could by having a city rise up and unifiy the country.
  • Aug 10, 1100

    BC Aetolians

    BC     Aetolians
    Myceanian palaces were destroyed, and Olympia was settled by teh Aetolians.
  • Sep 20, 1400

    BC Mycenean

    BC     Mycenean
    Olympia was densely poupulated with Mycenean sights.
  • BC The Game Forbidment

    BC     The Game Forbidment
    In Olympia, Theodosius forbids the Olympic Games because of pagans. He also shut down the Temple of Zeus.
  • BC Olympia Settled

    BC     Olympia Settled
    An area in what would become Olympia was first settled during the third millenium.