Timeline of The Prophet Muhammad

  • 570

    Muhammad is born

    Muhammad is born On April 25, 570 A.D in Mecca (Saudi Arabia). When he was born his father died and he was raised by his Grandmother then his uncle. He spent his early life as a merchant and worked at a camel caravan. As Muhammad was raised by his uncle he was mistreated because his uncle was abusive and always made him sleep outside or starve on occasions.
  • 574

    Gregory I Becomes Pope.

    Saint Gregory I was born on 540 in Rome Italy. When he was born he was stuck in a time of cities and commerce having breakouts of famine and plague. He became well educated and had his conversion to a monastic lifestylr in 574 A.D. In 590 A.D Gregory I became the Pope.
  • 574

    Boethius Completes Consolation of Philosophy.

    The Consalation of Philosphy is a book made by the author Boethius. He was an italian statesman and an academic scholar. He took inspiration from Plato and Aristotle's works to make his book. The first pages talk about his sarrows of being in prison. He says his skin hung loose from his face and his hair became white and he aged due to being in prison.
  • 575

    Muhammad becomes an Orphan

    After the death of his mother at the age of 4 he was adopted by his grandfather. After his Grandfather died he was taken under protection by his uncle. In the Quran it reads always of Muhammad's childhood being abused and mistreated by his uncle. His uncle, Abu Talib ibn Abd al-Muttalib would starve Muhammad and leave Muhammad outside.
  • 581

    Founding of the Sui dynasty in China.

    Although the Sui dynasty had only two reigning rulers and didn't last long it brought unification between the Northern and Southern dynasties. It created important structural changes to China and it ultimately led to more successful dynasties. Culture and Art spread throughout China bringing a new look. It also created new reform to the civil service administration, government, laws ahd land distribution.
  • 587

    Visigoths in Spain Convert to Christianity.

    In 510 Spain was conquered by Visigoths who converted to Christianity in 587 A.D. They created a Visigothic Kingdom and made the capital Toledo. During the reign of Leovigild Visigoths and their kingdoms reached the highest point pf succession ever. The Visigothic people brought Arianism and caused it to spread in Spain.
  • 595

    Muhammad Weds With Khadihah.

    When Muhammad reached his 20's he began working as a merchant for a wealthy women named Khadihah. Although she was 15 years old she proposed marriage and Muhammad accepted. Together they had 6 children in total but most of them didn't live up to childhood. But one named Fatima lived to adulthood and she would marry the Prophet's cousin, , Ali ibn Abi Talib.
  • 600

    The Founding of Mercian Kingdom.

    Mercia was one of the most powerful kingdoms in Anglo-Saxon England and it lasted from 600-900 A.D. It held first place in dominance throughout the 7th and 9th century and it brought many changes to Europe. The first king of Mercia was Penda in 655 A.D who became most dominant in Southern England making the Kingdom flourish but only for a short life of 300 years.
  • 610

    Muhammads first revlation from Allah

    40 year old Muhammad was on one of his many pilgrimages. As he was meditating on Mount Jabal al-nour an Angel named Gabriel approached him. The Angel said, “Recite in the name of your Lord who creates man from a clot! Recite for your lord is most generous.” These words would later become the opening statements in surah 96 of the Quran. Most Islamic historians believe the Prophet didn't release these revelations to anyone until years after it occurred.
  • 613

    Muhammad's First Public Message to the People About God.

    After Muhammad's first revelation from Allah messaged by the Angel of Gabriel he kept it for a secret until 613 A.D. He told the people about the meeting with the Angel and what he said. These messages would later become part of the sacred sculpture known as the Quran. “Recite in the name of your Lord who creates, creates man from a clot! Recite for your lord is most generous.” Said Muhammad.
  • 622

    Muhammad and His Followers Migrate to Yathrib from Mecca.

    After the persecutions in Mecca Muhammad and his gollowers migrate to Yathrib (near Medina) where Islam is accepted by the people indigenous to the town. This becomes the start of the Islamic calendar. Muhammad established the laws in the Quran that came from God in Medina. Later on Muhammad accepted people from other tribes and countries to join Islam.
  • 628

    Battle of the Trench and the Seige of Medina

    A four year long battle called the Battle of the ditch was fought between the Meccan's and Muslims.The Meccan's had asked Bedouin tribes to join them. In the end they got an army of 10,000 people. The Prophet led the Muslim army and decided that he would have them dig a ditch around Medina which dispersed the Meccan's making both sides even. With the Muslims claiming victory, they decided to write a peace treaty at al-Ḥudaybiya in 628 AD.
  • 629

    The Conquest of Mecca

    Mecca was a sacred place to the Muslims and still is today. It has the Kaaba which is to be known as the house of god. In December of 629 A.D Muhammad led the Muslims to the holy land and helped them conquer the land and it's holy sites such as the Kaaba. When Abu Safyan lefyt Mecca Muhammad assembled a large army while Abu Safyan was gone so he can invade with the element of surpirse. This made the prophet's vicotry much easier
  • 632

    Muhammad's first pilgramage to Mecca and his last sermon at MT. Arafat

    Muhammad took his first real pilgrimage to Mecca and with him he took 2000 men. He also brought 60 camels with him for travel and sacrifice. He and his fellow Muslims brought weapons fearing they would contact enemies such as Quraishites. His last sermon was recorded in the Quran and sunnah.“Oh People, listen well to my words, for I do not know whether, after this year, I shall ever be among you again."
  • Jun 8, 632

    Death of The Great Prophet Muhammad.

    After returning from his first true pilgrimage he came back home to his wife Khadihah. Muhammad became very ill for a few days. On June 8, 632 A.D Islam's most influencial prophet and messanger of God died at the age of 62 at his home. His body was buried at the one of the first mosques build by himself in Medina. The Mosque was called al-Masjid an-Nabawi mean the Mosque of the Prophet.
  • 636

    Muslims conquers Persians

    As Muslims grew in population they needed to conquer more land. Before the Persians fought the Muslims they fought against Macedonian, Greeks, Roman, and Byzantine powers.But when the Persians took defeats from the Byzantine ruler Heraclius brought the dynasty of Persia down. As this happened the Muslims went for invasions in Persia and the Muslims won at the battle of Al Qadisiyyah in 636 A.D.