Timeline of COVID-19 at UW-Madison

  • UW-Madison Cancels In-Person Classes through April 10

    On March 11, The University of Wisconsin Madison suspended "face-to-face instruction", to be implemented on Monday, March 23, the day students were expected to return from spring break. The University planned to begin "alternate delivery of classes" starting the 23rd and continue that way, at least, through April 10. The decision from the University comes after consultation with local, state and federal authorities. University officials canceled all events of more than 50 people through April 10
  • COVID-19 Declared a Public Health Emergency in Wisconsin

    On March 12, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers declared a public health emergency to direct all resources needed to respond to and contain COVID-19 in the state of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services recommended cancelling gatherings with more than 250 people. The University of Wisconsin Madison followed in suit
  • Public Health Madison Issues Order

    On March 15, the Public Health Madison and Dane County issued an order to close schools and restrict gatherings of more than 50 people. "This is going to be a long term thing," Mayor Rhodes-Conway said. Janel Heinrich, the director of Public Health Madison & Dane county said that people who do not follow the public health orders may face citations and/or imprisonment as a result. The University of Wisconsin Madison and its students are included in this order, to limit the spread of COVID-19
  • UW-Madison Cancels In-Person Classes for Remainder of Semester

    On March 17, The University of Wisconsin Madison suspended "face-to-face instruction" through the end of the semester. The University previously suspended in-person classes to at least, March 23, but shifted to alternate delivery of courses from March 23 through the end of the spring semester, including final exams. The University advised students who have opted to travel for Spring Break to continue the semester from their permanent residence. Exceptions will be decided based on circumstances
  • City of Madison Public Libraries Closed

    On March 17, all Madison Public Libraries closed. In addition, the city of Madison closed the city parks, and city transportation to the public, all services shifted online. Students at the University of Wisconsin Madison were now on the verge of being prohibited from using campus-wide resources such as lecture halls, classrooms, and libraries, in addition to the city of Madison Public Libraries. These decisions presented a dilemma for UW-Madison students, in regards to their academics
  • UW-Madison Libraries Closed

    On March 18, the University of Wisconsin Madison announced that all campus libraries were closed from 6 p.m., March 18, until further notice. Laptops and requested materials will be provided for students via pickup at the Memorial Library entrance. UW-Madison students who rely on the campus libraries for their academics and technology, must adjust
  • UW-Madison University Housing move-out Ends

    Due to Gov. Evers decision to issue a stay-at-home order for the entire state of Wisconsin, all move-out appointments after 9 p.m., Monday, March 23, were canceled. The University alerted students to not travel to campus or attempt to enter the residence hall buildings. For those students who were unable to travel home, the accommodations will remain. Students will be updated when there is availability to remove the remainder of their things from their residence halls
  • UW-Madison Course Grading Policy for Spring 2020

    On April 1, Provost Karl Scholz of the University of Wisconsin Madison issued an update announcing that students may choose to convert their letter grade in any course to one of the two new grades: SD (Satisfactory-Disruption) and UD (Unsatisfactory-Disruption). The University-wide grading policy was put into effect to accommodate students because of the learning at that unprecedented time. This grading policy granted students with leniency, academically
  • UW-Madison SOAR to be Offered Online Summer 2020

    For the safety of the campus and the community, Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) will be offered online in the Summer of 2020. New UW-Madison undergraduate students will enroll in classes, meet peers and an academic advisor, and get connected to campus resources through an online experience. Although incoming UW-Madison students will experience SOAR, they will be limited to an online version of it, restricted from physically encountering other incoming students
  • New UW-Madison Campus Policies Allow Limited In-Person Events & Meetings to Resume

    As UW-Madison students returned to campus for the fall semester, new policies guided how and where students can gather for in-person events and meetings that fall outside of the formal classroom experience. These policies attempted to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 to the campus while allowing students to gather with one-another. The policies aligned with the University's Smart Restart plan and the Public Health Madison and Dane County Order
  • UW-Madison Chancellor Directs 14-day Student Restrictions for Health, Safety

    On September 7, Chancellor Blank, the Chancellor of UW-Madison, issued a 14-day restriction on students. Chancellor Blank directed all undergraduate students to restrict their movements for a 14-day duration in order to reverse the recent rise in COVID-19 cases. Students were required to severely limit in-person interaction and restrict their movement to that which is required for essential activities only. Forcing UW-Madison students to isolate from one-another and complete all-class virtually
  • UW-Madison Shifts to Two Weeks of Remote Instruction & Quarantines Two Residence Halls

    On September 9, because of the positive test rate among students continuing to rise far too rapidly, the University of Wisconsin Madison decided that all in-person classes across the University will be paused from Sept. 10 - 25. The University will transition to remote learning. In addition, given the high number of positive test results in Sellery and Witte Residence Halls, all residents in these buildings are required to quarantine in place for the next two weeks. Students must remain isolated
  • UW-Madison "Safer Badgers" App Goes Live

    UW-Madison's "Safer Badgers" App, meant to monitor COVID-19 testing and cases among the campus population went live on February 10, 2021. The "Safer Badgers" app is a key part of UW-Madison's spring semester health and safety program. The app monitors COVID-19 test results and can either grant, or deny, admittance into campus buildings and classes. Students are required to stay up-to-date with the app and it can allow them to interact with one-another on campus
  • Changes to UW-Madison Campus Events Policy

    With increased COVID-19 testing, fewer positive cases, and continued vaccinations, the University of Wisconsin Madison has made changes to its campus events policy. Effective March 8, the new campus events policy will allow up to 50 people to gather indoors and up to 150 people outdoors. Students are still required to have a green "building access granted" status if it is a University event. Students are now allowed to interact with other students in larger groups as it is permitted in the rules
  • UW-Madison Returning to Campus Fall 2021

    As of March 25, 2021 the plan is to return to normal at UW-Madison in Fall 2021. Safely returning students to classrooms and labs for in-person learning and research is crucial. Currently, nearly all of the courses that were offered in-person in the fall of 2019, will return to in-person instruction in fall 2021. Allowing the students of UW-Madison to return to a normal social and academic experience