Timeline of computers

  • Z3 computer

    Z3 computer
  • The Baby

    The Baby
    First computer to use a sort of Random Acess Memory
  • IBM 350 RAMAC

    IBM 350 RAMAC
    First computer to use transistors and disk drives.
  • Microchips

    The invention of microchips changed the world. This allowed for the production of minicomputers and microcomputers. This helped shink down the size of computer space.
  • Personal computers

    Personal computers
    This was one of the first personal computers. It used small scale integrated circuts and a multichip CPU, and had bteween 4kB and 48kB of ram.
  • portable computers

    portable computers
    First portable computer
  • Update to operating system.

    Windows 3.0 allowed users to run miltiple programs on the same computer. In june computers went to 32 bit computers. computers were mostly text based
  • Mobile Computing

    Mobile Computing
    Computers in side of phones. Palm Pilots and PDA devices introduced. Computing can travel.
  • Netbooks just like Desktops

    Netbooks just like Desktops
    Netbook computers become more popular. They can check email and use internet just as a desktop computer can.
  • Minicomputer phones

    Minicomputer phones
    This is the current model of computers. 30 something gigabytes of hardrive space . ultra thin, and mobile.