Timeline of British Reforms

By 14jrae
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  • India Act of 1858

    India Act of 1858
    -British parliament agreed to transfer the power of the British East India Company to the British Crown.
    -1,700 shareholders in India lost their control over 250 million Indian people.
    -Power was given to the secretary of state who ruled under direct administration of the prime minister
    -British Crown honored and acknowledged the laws already in place in India
    -The act was made becuase of the devastation of the Sepoy Rebellion
  • India Councils Act of 1892

    India Councils Act of 1892
    -The India National congress demanded an increase in size of the legislative branch
    -Universerties, chambers of commerce, Zamindars, etc. were given the power to recommend members to provincial councils
    -Allowed the councils to discuss each year's annual financial statement
    -Gave people the freedom to submit questions, to an extent, to the british government
    -Prepared the Idea of democracy in India
  • India Councils Act of 1909

    India Councils Act of 1909
    -Introduction of Electoral principle
    -Was nicknamed the Morley-Minto Reforms
    -Allowed Indians to take part in elections of the legislative councils for the first time
    -Act was prevoked by Lord Curzon's partitioning of Bengal's terrorism
    -Muslims argued the electing sytem, for hindus held the majority of the population
    -The electing became seperate, Muslims could only vote for muslim candidates.
  • India Act of 1919

    India Act of 1919
    -Expanded the number of Indians that participated in the government
    -Was passed for India's military assistance in WWI
    -Major provinces became a Dyarchy, where control of agriculture, education, health, etc. was given to the Government of ministers.
  • India Act of 1935

    India Act of 1935
    -Expanded the independence of the provinces
    -Rewarded more power to the Indian government
    -Promised a Federation of India
    -Reserve bank of India was established