Timeline History

  • Oct 12, 1502

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus became The first European to visit the coast of Central America.
  • Feb 7, 1522

    Gil Gonzalez de Avilac

    Gil Gonzalez de Avila led the first Spanish explorers to establish colonies what is now Nicaragua.
  • William Walker

    American William Walker becomes involved in the civil war and seizes control of Nicaragua, declares himself president, and legalizes slavery.
  • General José Santos Zelaya

    General José Santos Zelaya takes control of the country, setting up a dictatorship and keeping a relationship with the United States.
  • General José Santos Zelaya

    A revolt breaks out and Zelaya is removed from power.
  • Augusto César Sandino

    Augusto César Sandino launches attacks on U.S. troops, hoping that they will leave.
  • General Anastasio Somoza

    General Anastasio Somoza orders Sandino to be killed.
  • General Somoza

    General Somoza becomes president.
  • Denis Martinez

    Denis Martinez became the first Nicaraguan to play Major League Baseball.
  • Pedro Joaquin Chamorro

    Pedro Joaquin Chamorro, is murdered, sparking a spike and uniting many Nicaraguans with the FSLN.